There is a lot to love about the North Star State, but winter is not one of them. Oh sure, snow is nice to have at Christmas and certainly not a problem if you love skiing. But what if your taste in sports leans more towards ones that you can play in the spring, summer, and fall? It stinks that people who choose these pastimes have to put their equipment away for half of each year just because of the weather (which already makes things tough with rain during some of the nicer periods).

Soccer is one of the most popular pastimes in the world and deeply loved by millions of people. Unfortunately, all of the adoration in the world will not change the fact that by late October, it is far too cold to play soccer in Minnesota and the surrounding area. You can see your breath, but you can’t see the ball for all of the damn snow! Soccer is also not a sport that you can effectively play in a gym as there just isn’t enough room.

Fortunately, there is a very effective solution: a dome for soccer, Minnesota! Air-supported domes are sturdy and durable structures that allow users to play their favorite sports all year round, regardless of the weather outside. Domes are climate controlled, meaning that while it may be below zero outside, you will still need your T-shirt and shorts to play soccer inside. A Minnesota air dome structure can also accommodate a number of other sports, such as tennis, volleyball, and even golf.

Domes are now standing all around the world performing this function every day for many people of all ages. Call the air-supported dome in your area right now to see what activities they offer and how you can sign up!