Depot Renaissance Minneapolis is a hotel designed with the convenience of the guests in mind and inviting them in a building with a special architectural style and with a good sense of history. The guest suite of the hotel are detailed with stylish furniture and comfortable bedding, as a reflection of the historic charm of the building. The modern amenities are present as well and the rooms are equipped with HD flat panel TVs and the guests have complimentary access to the net. You can sense history at his hotel if you decide to book one of the ancient style suites here. The historic suites offer the guests the atmosphere of the old American days while meeting all the modern necessities at the same time. You can go to restaurants like Harrys or Wasabi where you can explore delicious flavors in a lovely ambience, for dining. If you want to study the hotel and dont know where to start, the concierge will be pleased to help you out.

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