luggageNo matter what you plan on doing, where you are going to travel, or when you are going to be gone, you need to pack some luggage. The amount you need to pack, what you need to pack, and other specifics depend on the length of your trip as well as your plans for while you are on it. With that said, your choice of luggage can have a significant impact on your travel! Here are some of the pros and cons of backpacks and hard suitcases for travel.


How will you get around with your luggage? Trekking through airports can be a pain if you are wearing backpack the entire time, since things can get quite heavy (especially if its your only piece of luggage). This is not an issue with suitcases, as most of them roll nowadays, so you can drag it behind you. However, if you are going on an adventure trip, plan to hike a lot, et cetera, a backpack might be better to bring along with you. Just be aware of what you put in it!


If you are travelling on an airplane, you have to adhere to the weight restrictions, unless you are willing to pay extra fees. In general, backpacks are likely lighter, since they do not have to deal with any metal or hard casing, as some rolled suitcases do. However, in order to combat this, some luggage companies have made lightweight suitcases, making them quite comparable to backpacks.

Carry On

If you are travelling carry on only, your choice of luggage becomes even more important. You have to make sure you can fit everything you need in the one bag, but also adhere to the weight and size restrictions for the overhead storage compartments. To that end, it is important to note it is easier to stuff a backpack in these compartments, since they don’t have the bones and such as suitcases do. You cannot bend a suitcase—even the soft shell ones are quite rigid, which means there is a higher chance you will have to check your bag.