So you want to take to the waters and go backcountry camping with your canoe and a tent. This is a great way to disconnect from your regular life, as you will often be without cellphone reception. It is also a stunning look into the natural landscape of the world around you.

Regardless of why you want to go backcountry camping, it is critical to understand some key rules, both for your enjoyment as well as for your safety throughout the trip.

Pack Carefully

When you travel in the backcountry, you are responsible for carrying everything from your tent down to your food and clothing on your back as you walk portages between lakes. Thus, it is important to pack carefully. Aim for lightweight items wherever possible, and be selective for what you bring. Instead of bringing multiple dishes, for instance, bring dish soap so you can wash the one set you have. You can also forego separate pajamas if you have a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in.

Create An Itinerary

When you are going backcountry camping, you are going to be quite isolated from society. You may not even have any cell phone reception! Before you leave, however, it is vital to create an itinerary about what route you are going to take, where you plan on being and when, as well as when you plan on returning. Make sure you give this to at least one person as well as someone at the campground you are going to travel in. This way, in the unfortunate event that something does go wrong, they have a rough idea of where to look for you, which cuts down on a lot of time.

Respect The Environment

While you are canoeing, settling at your campsite, et cetera when backcountry camping, it is important to respect the environment surrounding you. This means not leaving any wrappers for food you eat, not chopping down lots of trees, et cetera. You want to leave the environment the way you found it! This way countless people after you can enjoy the same thing.