Canoeing is a great way to engage with nature and get some physical activity into your summer. Whether you are going for a day trip and will return home before bed, or if you are going for a longer camping trip, it is important to make sure you are fully prepared. To that end, we have compiled some key tips to make your canoeing adventure as fun and smooth as possible.

Invest In Proper Equipment

The first thing you want when you are setting out on a canoeing adventure is the proper equipment, from the canoe itself to the paddles, to the clothing you wear during your trip. Make sure your paddle is an appropriate size, ensure your life jacket is also fitting properly (watch the weight requirements), et cetera. Some people on longer trips may also wish to invest in comfort items like gloves for your hands to protect them from developing blisters. Regardless, it is important to research and pick quality equipment—skimping out could mean a lot of discomfort and injury during your trip.

Work With Your Partner

Is there going to be another person in the canoe with you? If there is, it is important to work well with them while the two of you are paddling. Open communication is key! One of you will be at the back, and whoever it is will be responsible for steering the canoe. But the person in front, of course, will also have to match their paddling appropriately so as to boost speed and to avoid being counter productive.

Find Your Position

When you are canoeing, it is important to find a comfortable position, whether it is for a short canoe adventure or a long one. This might mean bringing a foldable cushioned chair for your canoe to use as a seat, or using something to cushion your knees. Regardless, find what works for you, particularly with your actual position in the canoe, and paddle with it!