save money for travelWant to take a nice trip overseas? Unfortunately, travelling to another country is not free, no matter how much we wish it was. You will need to think about the cost of your trip and have enough money to pay for everything if you really want to embrace international travel. Luckily, we have compiled some of the most creative ways to save money for travel, so you can get on that plane sooner than you think!

Start With The Bank

Did you know the bank you choose can have a significant impact on how much you save? Look for a bank with reduced fees on accounts and ATM transactions—if you are lucky, there might be a bank in your area offering no fees! And while you should always pay your credit card on time, look for banks offering low interest rates so if you do need to carry some of your balance, you won’t be hit too hard.

DIY Spa And Cleaning

Commercial products are incredibly convenient, but with just a little more time and effort you can save money for travel in a short time if you make some spa products and cleaning solutions yourself. For instance you can create a simple sugar scrub only using white sugar, oil, and a little bit of vanilla extract for scent. You can also easily clean appliances using a natural baking soda solution, and get rid of calcium with white vinegar. Just try not to mix these two ingredients together.

Consider what commercial products you currently use, and search the web for recipes for homemade alternatives—the results might surprise you!

Turn Off The Lights

When you leave a room, do you turn the lights off? Are your lights ever on during the day? Both of these things can add needless cost to your energy bill every month. Instead, we suggest turning the lights off whenever you leave a room. You can just turn them on again when you return. You should also never use your lights during the day in room with windows—open your curtains and blinds instead and let the natural light make it bright inside your home. Only use lights during the day when you are in a room without windows or if the weather is quite gloomy, reducing the amount of natural light you can get indoors.

Look For The Specials

You need to eat, there is no denying it. However, you can save an incredible amount of money if you do the following: look for flyers for your local grocery stores online. Mark down each week what is oe sale and plan your meals around those ingredients. Be sure you have a good staple pantry (stock up as needed) so you don’t need to buy everything each time you want to cook a particular recipe. When non-perishables you like go on sale, such as your favourite pasta, feel free to buy extra so you can have it again later on when the price might be a little higher than you would like.


Just practicing these simple things can help you save money for travel quite a bit faster than you might expect. Put the money you save from all of these methods in an account marked for your next trip overseas. Watch it grow!