Sometimes the timing isn’t right to take an overseas trip, whether it is the result of not being able to take enough time off work or if it simply comes down to funds. Regardless, people still need to take breaks now and again. The good news? Your hometown can make the perfect vacation! Here are three ways you can be a tourist in your hometown:

Research Your Vacation

What would you normally look for when planning a vacation? Do you scout out restaurants beforehand? What about activities? Conduct the same kind of searches you would for an overseas vacation, but apply them to your hometown. What is there to do? You might be surprised about the new experiences you can have without leaving the country—or your town.

Book A Tour

Did your research reveal any tours in your area? Even if you believe you know a lot about your hometown, the tours might really surprise you. In many instances, people tend to learn a lot more of the ins and outs of places they are not from. They also tend to pay more attention to the landscape. For example, from an objective standpoint both Canada and New Zealand have beautiful scenery, but a Canadian might feel more intrigued and awed by the New Zealand scenery.

Find Local Events

Are there festivals, concerts, or other types of events going on in your hometown? These are the perfect opportunity to get out there and discover new parts of your local life. Many people will flock to different festivals around the world, so why not try one near you? This is especially effective for you to be a tourist in your hometown if you would not normally attend these festivals and events. This makes them a new experience, much like travelling overseas will in certain respects.