volcano hikesDid you know you can hike up some of the volcanoes in our world? Not all of them are available for this, often because of safety reasons. However, volcano hikes remain a wonderful experience, particularly when you reach the summit. If you’re interested in this activity for your next overseas trip, here are three trilling volcano hikes to get your inspiration going.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

While this is often billed as a simple hike through the Tongariro National Park, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the arguably the best day hike in the country and passes around quite a few volcanoes. During this hike you will pass through the multi-cratered terrain of Mount Tongariro, and can also climb to the summit of Mount Ngauruhoe. The latter is the volcano famous for its position of Mount Doom in the Lord of the Rings films.

Be ready for changeable weather and be sure you are quite fit for this hike.

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Perhaps the easiest of the three hikes, you can see the summit of Mount Vesuvius up close in as little as an hour total. This is because you would park your car at about 1,000 meters elevation in the available car park before ascending the rest of the volcano. You can get a guide to take you on a tour if you wish. However, you can hike on your own if you are comfortable driving to the car park and exploring by yourself.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Hiking Mount Fuji is great for those starting to get into volcano hikes, since there are rest stations at various level, which provides a good place to have a short break or even stop the climb. Note, however, that you will still want to be relatively fit if you want to attempt this hike.

Many people love to see the sunrise from the summit of Mount Fuji—calling it a spiritual experience regardless of religion. It is best to start the hike on the day before, stopping around the 8th rest station. Catch a couple hours rest in one of the mountain huts before completing the hike.