New ZealandAre you thinking about travelling to New Zealand? Good choice, if I do say so myself. There are countless activities to try and things to see—so much so you could spend months there and still not have seen everything you want to! However, there are a few must-do items for when you travel to this phenomenal country. Here are three of them to spark your inspiration:

Spend A Day In The Shire

Just about everyone knows New Zealand was the backdrop for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. New Zealand really is Middle Earth! While there are natural sights to see, there can be quite a lot of difference between what is in New Zealand and what is onscreen, because of special effects. But as luck would have it, the crew constructed a permanent location for Hobbiton, now open to the public for tours and unique Shire experiences.

A guide will take you and your group through Hobbiton, looking at the Hobbit holes, revealing key filming secrets, and sharing other tidbits. You will even have the opportunity to take a picture in a Hobbit hole! You will also be treated to a drink in the Green Dragon. If you embark on the evening tour, you will also have a hearty meal and walk back through Hobbiton with lanterns.

Waitomo Glow Worm Caves

Descend into the depths of vast underground caves with this experience. You will travel through a few caves in which you can take pictures, so long as your flash and camera is equipped for the dark. There will also be a couple areas where the ceilings are covered in glow worms. You can only see these glow worms once, however, since they do not allow pictures during these portions for the life and safety of the glow worms.

Te Puia Experience

Interested in culture? You can immerse yourself in New Zealand’s Māori culture during the Te Puia experience. This includes viewing a large blowhole, traditional architecture, cultural performances, Kiwi bird enclosure viewing, as well as a traditional Hāngi meal. The exact experience shifts based on if you go for the day or evening tour package.