Backpacking is a fun way to have an outdoor adventure minus the cost of luxury vacations. This kind of holidaying is a good way to enjoy nature, gather new experiences, witness different cultures, taste exotic cuisine and meet people as well as intriguing personalities.


Backpacking for the Outdoorsy

If you are not much into outdoor activities, backpacking may not be ideal for you. But if you want to have a totally new experience and you are not afraid of a few mosquito bites, sleeping on tents and taking cold showers, then this is the best way to commune with nature and relax at the same time.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect that there will be too much relaxation as you will be trekking down rough paths and new trails most of time. But the rewards of being outside with nature are unequalled and it is something that you will surely experience with backpacking.

Planning the Trip

If you think that it is good to be spontaneous when it comes to backpacking, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Even seasoned backpackers do not embark on every new journey without their game plans. You may want to make research first, especially if you will be going to an unfamiliar destination.

You need to know how to get fast and direct to your target city without having to pay a lot and spending more time on the journey. Flying is the fastest way, but most airports are located on the outskirts so that means you will need to get a cab to get you to your destination. Going by train could take a little longer but it could also mean you will be dropped off exactly where you want.

Finally, plan for your accommodations – even if you intend to sleep mostly on your tent – you can either find cheap hostels or you need to know where you can safely stay outdoors during your backpacking tour breaks.


April 3, 2013 Travel tips

Cape Leeuwin in Australia is one of the popular tourist spot. It is situated in Western Australia, mostly towards most southwest side of mainland-point of Australia.  The cape attained global attention, as the Australians consider that the cape is the point where Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet or merge. But, many other nations may not agree with Australians as they consider that southern ocean exist 60 degrees south.


History of Cape Leeuwin

In the year 1622 a Dutch ship that first visited to the area called Leeuwin, the log was lost so there is not much information available about the voyage. However, the records of the land discovered by Leeuwin still exist.  Cape Leeuwin is absolutely the enthralling cape and also the largest lighthouse of Western Australia. This amazing land mark is approximately 100 year-old and it is still working.

Enjoy other sea attraction

The remarkable Cape Leeuwin where the powerful oceans merge to one, what else you need, and this amazing experiences gives you ever lasting moments in your life. Also there are some other fantastic attraction that grabs your attention like you can view amazing marine life that includes whales, dolphins, seabirds, you can as well climb top of the light house and measure the wind speed.

Augusta – Cape Leeuwin

Augusta offers friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  The place offers amazingly beautiful beaches, take a dip in fresh sea water and taste fresh wine directly from local-vineyards, discovers outstanding forests and caves. Everything is on plate, just enjoy every minute during your stay.

Working Holiday in Australia

If you are visiting Australia for Working Holiday, don’t worry you came to right place, there are plenty of mountaineer jobs are available here. You can choose from jobs like construction jobs, landscaping, shop work, café or bar work, nursing etc.  Whether you planned a fun filled holiday or working holiday, the Cape Leeuwin gives you the best experience.

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