Andorra is one the awesome country is enclosed by Spain and France.  If you are a sports person then you will love to visit this beautiful Skiing place. It is one of the beautiful skiing destinations in northeastern Spain. In winter many visitors visit Andorra as it is considered as the world’s best skiing destinations and the beauty of the place pulls the visitors to travel to the country and enjoy its natural beauty.


Andorra the Wealthiest City in Europe

The area of Andorra is also known as area of the Valley. This tiny country is surrounded by land in southwestern-Europe. It is perfectly located on eastern Pyrenees Mountains and delimited by France and Spain. It is the wealthiest city in entire Europe. The certified language of Andorra is Catalan but also French, Portuguese, and Spanish are also generally spoken by the people.  It is richest city because of its outstanding tourism industry. Every year over 10.2 million visitors come from all over the world to this awesome place.

Andorra is a Paradise on Earth

Andorra is not only richest country but also the most gorgeous country, it is a heaven on earth, people who visited this place definitely agree with this statement.  At Andorra you will totally enjoy all types of outdoor events like mountain biking, hiking on mountains slopes, and also kayaking the most exiting outdoor activity.  You can also gift yourself with adorable gifts and the best part is no tax is included on goods you purchase, all are tax-free shops.

Best way to reach Andorra

The sad part is Andorra has not railway station or Airport, if you are travelling in train then you need to go to Latour-de-carol and then to Toulouse from there you need to take a connecting train to France TGV-at-Toulouse that travels 2km of the border of Andorran.  Airport is also not closer to the Andorran you need to travel three hours from Toulouse or from Barcelona to reach Andorran.

Visit once and surely you will never forget this heavenly spot in your life and you will surely look forward to spending your vacation again in Andorra.




April 16, 2013 News