Visiting Kakadu National Park in Australia helps you wind-up your worries and bring you out from your routine lifestyle and gives completely unique experience.   This amazing park is located in Northern Territory and within-the-Alligator-River of Australia.


Kakadu is a Substantial National Park

The national park is huge nearly half the dimension of Switzerland or complete dimension of Slovenia.   This huge national park offers genuine features and topography that includes floodplains and sandstone cliffs etc. inside the Kakadu National Park you can see various creatures like wallabies and crocodiles. It is advisable to engage a guide when you visit the park, so that you can see the place and understand its significance clearly with the help of a guide.

Kakadu is an Exclusive Ethnic National Park

Kakadu is considered as the most exclusive ethnic and archaeological National park which has been colonized constantly from over 40,000 years.  The rock carvings, cave paintings, and archeological area trace the way of human existence and living and the skills of the people who lived in that area clearly indicates the existence period and till date you can observe the ancient period to the Native people still existing there.

Kakadu 4 major Landforms

Kakadu, the name comes from a native-floodplain language known as Gagudju, it was one of the language that was in use from the beginning of twenty century.   The park consists of 4 major landforms that includes Escarpment complex, Arnhem highland, Basins and southern hills. The landscape of Kakadu is assorted and prospect for outback venture travel, native culture and other special and unique activities. Arnhem plateau land is known for its utmost native culture, wild coastline, towering escarpments, lush wetlands and home to thousands of birds, fishes like barramundi and salt water crocodiles etc.

Visit this enormous National Park, unwind all your problems and get recharged at Kakadu.


April 16, 2013 Destinations

The Great Barrier Reef is considered as the world’s largest-coral-reef structure, collection of around 2,900 separate reefs and over 900 islands spreading approximated 2,600km around an area of nearly 344,400sqkm. The Great Barrier Reef can be visualized from outer-space; this biggest single-structure is formed by living organisms.  Not only it amazes with its amazing coral reef but also gives you the outstanding Island retreats, water-sports, offshore adventures etc.

Clouds of reef fish and corals, French frigate shoals, NWHI

Information-for all Itinerants

In 1981 Great Barrier Reef is considered as World Heritage Site by UNESCO and according to CNN report it is one of the 8 Natural wonders of the World and the QNT (Queensland National Trust) called it as a state-icon of Queensland.

You can take a boat-ride to get a closer look of the reef, the boats also takes hot spots such as Ribbon reefs and Cod Hole.  The whole journey takes around 5 to 7 days and the charges include accommodation, meals and around five daily-dives.  The Northern reef contains deep walls, low coral gardens and reef pinnacles. It has everything that you are wanted; you can witness swirling-reef sharks and also Nemo-style anemones.  If you visit this beautiful Great Barrier Reef in June or July then you can happily swim with dwarf-minke whales.

Explore the Beauty of Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one the popular places of Australia, it is a remarkable site filled with heavenly beauty that is located at north-east coastline of Australia.  The ecological demands on the reef includes climate change followed by collection of coral bleaching, runoff, cyclic population of starfish etc. according to recent studies the reef lost half of its coral-cover since 1985.

Visit this Paradise on earth where you can experience enthralling adventures, outstanding beauty and magical sea life. The vacation takes you to wonder world and gives you breathtaking experience.


April 10, 2013 Destinations

Cape Leeuwin in Australia is one of the popular tourist spot. It is situated in Western Australia, mostly towards most southwest side of mainland-point of Australia.  The cape attained global attention, as the Australians consider that the cape is the point where Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean meet or merge. But, many other nations may not agree with Australians as they consider that southern ocean exist 60 degrees south.


History of Cape Leeuwin

In the year 1622 a Dutch ship that first visited to the area called Leeuwin, the log was lost so there is not much information available about the voyage. However, the records of the land discovered by Leeuwin still exist.  Cape Leeuwin is absolutely the enthralling cape and also the largest lighthouse of Western Australia. This amazing land mark is approximately 100 year-old and it is still working.

Enjoy other sea attraction

The remarkable Cape Leeuwin where the powerful oceans merge to one, what else you need, and this amazing experiences gives you ever lasting moments in your life. Also there are some other fantastic attraction that grabs your attention like you can view amazing marine life that includes whales, dolphins, seabirds, you can as well climb top of the light house and measure the wind speed.

Augusta – Cape Leeuwin

Augusta offers friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  The place offers amazingly beautiful beaches, take a dip in fresh sea water and taste fresh wine directly from local-vineyards, discovers outstanding forests and caves. Everything is on plate, just enjoy every minute during your stay.

Working Holiday in Australia

If you are visiting Australia for Working Holiday, don’t worry you came to right place, there are plenty of mountaineer jobs are available here. You can choose from jobs like construction jobs, landscaping, shop work, café or bar work, nursing etc.  Whether you planned a fun filled holiday or working holiday, the Cape Leeuwin gives you the best experience.

April 3, 2013 Destinations