Street Sculptures in Dallas

Visitors to Dallas driving South on S. Griffin St towards the Convention Center may be surprised to see a herd of longhorn cattle crossing a shallow stream on their left.  Realistic enough to fool a casual glance, these are in fact larger than life-size sculptures of  70 steers accompanied by 3 trail riders which were created by Robert Summers of Glen Rose, Texas.   It is the largest bronze sculpture in the world – this is Texas, after all.

This may be the biggest, but it is by no means the only bronze sculpture to be seen on the streets of a city that is packed with art.  There are more than 70 public art sculptures adorning sidewalks, lurking in alleyways and gracing parks.  There is an official map of a 3.3 mile walking tour that you can download and then seek them all out.  There is a sense of impending discovery, of something wonderful around every corner.  Texans don’t walk much, but the possibility of discovering something exciting on the next block is a great incentive to explore this gracious city on foot.

You can’t miss the Four Chromatic Gates outside the Arco building or the Cancer Survivors Plaza with 7 life-size figures emerging victoriously from a series of rectangular arches.  In front of  I.M.Pei’s cantilevered City Hall is a huge amorphous figure by Henry Moore who thought that art needed a little mystery.  Less obvious is the neo-classical sculpture above the entrance to the Magnolia building, Dallas’s first sky-scraper. The chapel in Thanksgiving Square hides a magnificent series of stained glass windows within its spiral tower.  And don’t miss the huge glass mosaic mural “Genesis” at the entrance to the Dallas Museum of Art, itself an art experience not to be missed.


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February 27, 2013 News