Summer is not over yet and you still have great chances to witness whales in Australia coastline. It is true that this small, yet beautiful island is rich of many other amusing attractions. But whales sightseeing are not supposed to be missed. The beauty of whales—from ‘parents to their kids’—become such magnificent phenomenon as they are easily seen only at the beginning of June to the end of September. This is the time when whales raise calves after giving birth. The route of migratory whales is on the Australia coastline because it offers serene Coral Sea waters. This is the perfect place for mate and gives birth and this is the reason why global tourists prefer to witness the beauty of whale migrating and swimming around their boats.


Other places where tourists can witness the beauty of migrating whales include Cape Naturaliste, New South Wales and Victor harbor. Those three places become the natural venues for those whales to play and it will deliver incredible, unique experiences that no other continent in the world can rival. Especially at Sydney harbor, the playing whales are available for the whole year and this becomes great place for whale sightseeing.

Cruising on Australia surely can bring such wonderful experience, not only whales attractions but also the whole beauty of Australian coastline. Based on the descriptions above, you can choose the best time in taking sea travel by cruising to this beautiful continent. Booking in advance during July to September is a must because Australia is always flooded with tourists during those months. Facilities for most cruises to Australia are top notch as they always meet the demands of high class tourists for enjoying luxury sea travel in the continent. Cruises trips are always available during the whole week from various cruising companies so that there will be no shortage of option for cruising.

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When it comes to luxury travel, British Virgin Islands is the best option. It hosts so many elegant resorts with luxury amenities for those rich people to relax from their busy days. They do not mind paying thousands of dollars for a week to spend incredible moments in those resorts. Mostly, five-star resorts offer magnificent views of white sand beaches along with the turquoise waters. The ocean breezes are other appeals for everyone to enjoy total rejuvenation and sunbathing.

British Virgin Islands have five beaches and each of them are secluded from ordinary people. Becoming the main escapisms for those who want to enjoy private holidays in tranquil ambiance, some resorts in British Virgin Islands are full of amenities that many people can only dream on. They include five-star gourmet dining places, yacht services, beachfront spas, high-class sports centers, and many other elegant facilities that can cost dearly.


Sports lovers will enjoy beach volleyball or tennis on the white sand beaches with great and secure atmosphere. Yet, sea adventurers are pampered with sea activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking on unrivalled tranquil, crystalline waters. However, some people may not want to leave their elegant rooms and prefer to enjoy luxury amenities within the resorts. They mostly enjoy the top-notch equipment of the fitness centers before spending an hour or two for luxury spas.

All tourists can imagine how luxurious the dining places are and they assume correctly. All menus provided on those high-class restaurants offer more than just delectable food, but they also provide the best wines and cocktails. Menus include European cuisines with fresh seafood, served in local recipes. Nobody should skip each menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as they are all more than just impressive.

This is definitely the best destination for those who never think about highly budgeted vacations. This Caribbean gem will be the flawless haven which should not be missed.

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Business travel is a part of business people activities. As it is inevitable, business travelers should make it as convenient as possible. Convenience relate with the process of the trip, whether it is before or after the trip. If you are one of those business people who have to deal with frequent business trips, then there are lots of preparations to make, like packing, preparing presentation and spend quality time with the family.

Your family members may feel comfortable when you are around. So, this is the perfect time to deliver total attention to the whole family members. You can bring your kids to swimming pools or other amusement places so that your kids will feel that you really care for them. The same thing applies to your wife as she will find many hassles without your existence around her. You can help her in taking care of your kids while she is doing the laundry or cooking.


When a business trip becomes a routine activity, then you may not find trouble in preparing your needs. You only have to make simple packing as you already have your place to stay on your destination. But, when this is the first time for you to leave your family, then you can manage your time for preparing many things to bring as well as spending good time with the family. Still, you are still lucky that your wife can help you a lot with the preparation—or she prepares everything by herself!

At the time of your arrival, you should be able to arrange your time effectively because your tasks will be waiting for you. It is important to prepare some tasks during the flight by using your laptop so that you will not waste your time. It is understandable if you are tired, but at least you do not have to prepare everything in a rush as it can make your stressful feeling worse.

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If you’re looking to have a luxurious vacation, the type of trip to take is a cruise. A cruise trip is something that most people can only dream about. Fortunately, many travel companies have made it possible for budget vacationers to embark on a cruise trip.


If you’re in the process of planning a cruise vacation for your family, you should definitely consider a Disney Fantasy Cruise. The Disney Fantasy cruise ship was designed with vacationing families in mind. Here are the things that you can expect once you go aboard the Disney Fantasy ship.


1. State of the Art Rooms


The Disney Fantasy cruise ship has 1,250 staterooms equipped with contemporary amenities. Additionally, the rooms are especially designed to bring out their guests’ inner child.


2. Youth Clubs


One day is simply not enough for kids to take advantage of the all the activities and programs the crew of the Disney Fantasy has in store for their younger guests. A plethora of activities have been designed for toddlers to teenagers to ensure that there won’t be a minute of boredom while on board the ship.


3. Restaurants


There is a long list of restaurants available on the Disney Fantasy. You can even have a romantic “adults only” dinner with your spouse after a long day of fun activities with the kids. You will never go hungry during your trip.


4. Swimming Pools


Not one, not two but three swimming pools are available on the Disney Fantasy. A perfect venue for an afternoon under the sun.


5. Entertainment Centers, Nightclubs, and Lounges


The entertainment centers aboard the Disney Fantasy offers first-run movies in 3D and amazing live shows – something that the whole family can enjoy. At night after watching the spectacular fireworks show with the kids, adults can dance the night away in one of the clubs on board or enjoy a quite drink in one of the lounges.



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1,084 kilometers south of Manila, lies the oldest city in the country, Cebu City. Cebu is home to one of the most delicious dishes offered by the Philippines and what Anthony Bourdain has dubbed as the “best pig, EVER!” – Cebu Lechon.

Basically, lechon is a whole pig that has been roasted over charcoal. Litsoneros spend painstaking hours manually rotating the pig so it cooks evenly on all sides. Lechon is the national dish of the Philippines. It can be found almost anywhere but many attest that nothing beats lechon that comes from Cebu.

What makes Cebu Lechon different from other lechons?

In Cebu, they rub down the pig with lots of salt inside and out before stuffing it with various herbs such as lemon grass, laurel leaves, and Pandan leaves. Unlike the roast pork variety that is sold by restaurants in Manila, Cebu Lechon is not served with the traditional liver sauce. The reason for this is because Cebu Lechon is chockfull of flavors as it is so it no longer needs to be complimented with a sauce.

Aside from the flavor, Cebu Lechon is popular for its irresistibly crispy skin. If you’ve seen the No Reservations episode where Anthony Bourdain hailed Cebu Lechon as the best pig ever, you would probably noticed that he was saying this as he was munching over a piece of lechon skin. Yes, the skin of Cebu Lechon is so crispy, you can actually here the crunch on TV.

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful province of Cebu, make sure to order yourself a plate of Cebu Lechon. It is a dish that you should definitely try at least once in your life.



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There is always an exciting feeling for every first experience, and cruising is not an exception. If you are about to have a sea travel by luxury cruise, you will be very excited. Many people are even very nervous, as they will spend days above the edgeless sea though they will enjoy luxury amenities like what they find on five-star hotels.

Actually, spending sea travel on a luxury cruise is more than just convenient, as passengers do not need to bring too much stuff. There are well-equipped amenities that passengers can enjoy. The only stuff that passengers need to bring with is proper suits that can match with the season. Vacationing during summer at Mediterranean sea only requires t-shirts, shorts or bikinis for those who need to relax at the pool.

Still, passengers should also prepare for semi-formal outfits, especially when they need to have dinner at a luxury dining place. Many restaurants at luxury cruise do not allow passengers in wearing t-shirts or shorts during dinner. So, it is important to bring the best outfits for both formal and informal occasions during the sea travel on a luxury cruise. However, for those who are about to travel on colder months, it is important to bring warm clothes from wool or weather. Sea breeze is very cold both at night and day and it is important to keep good health because being sick on a sea cruise can deliver uncomfortable feeling.

Basically, passengers do not need to make complicated preparation when it comes to enjoying first cruise experience on luxury yacht. Amenities are there for every passenger to enjoy so that there is a comfortable feeling like on his or her own home. Even more, the yacht is even more luxurious than his residential place! Enjoying wonderful menus from breakfast to dinner is another amazing experience that everyone should enjoy, at least once in a lifetime.

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Everyone knows Bali is a very beautiful island with rich cultural touch in every corner of its cities. There are millions of visitors throughout the world, who have no doubt in visiting this island for even more than three times! However, if you have never been there, there are important facts that you should know as the island has very strong mindset about sacred places and habits.

  • People in Bali has strong belief in keeping some places as sacred ones. Be sure not to step on some flowers that they put in front of their homes or stores, whenever you walk in the pedestrians, or even to some markets selling souvenirs like Sukawati.
  • The tropical weather always welcomes every tourist at anytime. The island will be more crowded during Indonesian holidays.
  • Traveling with limited budget is convenient here because you still can shop for various arrays of clothes, souvenirs, ethnic accessories and so forth.
  • Be careful with the traffic because there are some rules which may not work well in the country. Remember, this island is in third world countries where rules mostly do not exist.
  • Bali is considered safer when it is compared to other cities in Indonesia. Sometimes, there are crimes like pickpocket stealing on tourists because they think that tourists are always rich.
  • Hotels and villas in Bali are convenient and the luxurious ones always provide drivers if you rent cars or you can just have a bike to enjoy nearby places.

It is common to see bargaining prices when it comes to transportation whether you want to ride on a ‘becak’ (Indonesia’s typical vehicle), or a taxi. Keep in mind that there should be clear agreement between you and the driver because there can be misunderstandings in terms of price and destination.

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Recently, New York City’s The Palace Hotel is still in its effort of $135 million renovation. Let’s expect what it will boast this time. for those who wish to enjoy the escapism haven, its Royal Suite cost for about $20,000 and the cost can be higher after the renovation is accomplished. Surprised? Hold your drop jaw as you will find the more expensive Four Seasons’ Ty Warner Penthouse Suite with $45,000. That price is per night. Yes, it is.

Now, you will ask what you will get after you pay tens of thousands of dollars for sleeping, again, in one night. Yes, surely you will get luxury amenities. But, how luxurious is the luxury? Definitely, guests in the suites can use a private elevator, not the regular ones that are also used with other guests—though you can imagine the sorts of guests who live there. The suite has personal chef with that kind of cooking that matches with the $45,000 per night. Just guess it yourself.

Another thing to expect is the magnificent views of Fifth Avenue. It is true that elegant living experience starts even before guests step into the hotel. Each guest is special as guest relations officers should fulfill what each guest wants for every facility like pillow, food and drinks, flowers options within each room, the temperature of the room and so forth—you know.  Next expensive facility within each room is the bathroom—if you can imagine what kind of bathroom that a guest should pay for $45,000 in one night. Fixtures are gold plated with insignia lines the sinks. Italian tile mosaic on the floor is hand-laid and you can imagine how it looks like.

A private gym, spa, and what else? Guests will get everything that they want, even for a small piece of face towel. There is even a quick escape through wall secret panel. Are you interested enough?

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Every corner of Morocco delivers beauty and everyone should list this country as a must-visit one. Spending summer holidays in the country will become such unforgettable holiday that everyone experiences. Its warm climate along with the panoramic views is perfect for strolling. Walking in Casablanca or Marrakech is impressive as there are so many beautiful venues to explore. There are old trails and old cities, which are rich of historical places. There are capital secrets that everyone can find from those old cities. Bus tours are more comfortable because of the hot climate outside. But it will reduce the unique experience of walking along the pedestrians as there are many shops, street vendors, cafés and malls.

Morocco is also popular for its amazing wildlife. Expect to see rare birds species from eagles, falcons, hawks and flamingos that you will not find in anywhere else. Another spotlight that Morocco boasts is Djebel Toubkal valleys. Its beauty is enhanced through the wheat and orchards fields along with almond trees. Spending spring season here will be very much lovable as there are hampering flowers. For those who dream to see the real Morocco beauty, going south is what they should do for witnessing the magnificent Sahara Desert. Never miss its breathtaking sunsets with charming views of sand dunes.

Cuisines are even breathtaking with spicy foods as the main characteristic of Morocco cuisines. They have special characteristic with delicate spices blending for enhancing both fragrance and flavor of the recipes. Spices include cinnamon, cayenne, paprika, ginger, turmeric, black pepper and chilies. Most of cuisines are lamb with various spices and they are served as barbecued or grilled. One of the most famous one is barbecued lamb with yoghurt and mint flavor. This menu is excellent when served with chops, fillets, or backstraps. Try to find restaurants with authentic Morocco cuisines and you will be surprised on how delectable they are.

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Wondering where to go in Australia? Options of places are even more varied that you might have imagined before. This huge continent has big offers for everyone who needs to have luxury travel for memorable holidays. Almost all cities in Australia boasts magnificent venues which are well-equipped with luxury hotels and restaurants.

First of all, let’s review on the small city, Perth. This beautiful city remains as one of the most serene, yet lavish city for everyone who needs to have great relaxation on luxury villas, offering ocean views. The city outskirts are rich of lodges with high concern of friendly environment and they are all equipped with wonderful golf courses. If you are one of tourists who find it comfortable in spending holidays in a place where it is far from other cities, Perth is the best place for spending holidays and treating yourself at its best.

For those who need to have luxury travel within vibrant city life, Melbourne is the most appropriate place to visit. It hosts everything from luxury hotels to high-class restaurants and malls. The lively downtown area delivers everything that high-class people need to spend time at—from designers’ boutique to elegant entertainment venues. The St Kilda beaches, which can bring joyful summer with all family members, are not to be missed.

There are still various places to enjoy luxury holidays in Australia like Icebergs Club cocktails at Bondi Beach,  Sydney Opera House’s behind-the-scenes tour, or waterfront Rocks district’s old pubs for vibrant night life that every wealthy people need to indulge. However, if you haven’t visited the country and never know which other places, which deliver luxury holiday, there are travel agents which can offer special packages for your total satisfaction like sea luxury travel to small islands with sea water activities and kids’ holidays to famous venues like Disneyland.

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It may be surprising, but Bangkok has reached its popularity among tourists throughout the world. You might wonder what makes Bangkok popular. It is true that the country only has canals instead of coastline. Even the native Bangkok rarely speaks English and the whole country’s condition is not that clean—especially with the monsoon rains which often cause small current of flood.

Surprisingly, such facts do not make tourists stop visiting this small country. It is seen from the high increased of the use of MasterCard in the country and there are about 200,000 tourists this year who have flocked to the country. It seems that Bangkok’s charm is unstoppable, thanks to those cheap stuff that tourists will love from shopping, unique cuisines, magnificent temples and excellent nightlife.  Another surprising fact is that Bangkok’s airport, Suvarnabhumi’s pictures turns out to be the mostly shared pictures through Instagram.

One of the most unique parts of Bangkok is its floating markets. Tourists will surprise with the floating small boats selling massive arrays of veggies, fruits and other natural resources from the country that those Western tourists have never seen before. There is even a boat tour for enjoying markets on the water. Surely, the prices are very cheap, especially for those EU or United States tourists.

Another amazing place is Chinatown. Though every country has Chinatown, Chinatown in Bangkok is unique in terms of history and culture, not to mention its magnificent shopping and authentic cuisines. Exploring sacred Chinese temples in very unique architectural design. Every tourist will love to shop around those shop-houses’ endless rows.  Festivals are varied from Chinese New Year and other festivals based on Chinese Lunar calendars.

Every place is easy to reach by traditional Tuk-Tuk as a traditional Bangkok vehicle. Surely, you cannot reach far away places by using this three-wheel vehicle. However, there are options for going out of town through Bangkok MRT, taxis, and BTS sky-train.

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