When it comes to the best destinations worldwide, you will find abundant places and it is hard to decide which one is the best. Yet, if you are an exotic place aficionados, then go on reading this article to decide which place to visit before the year ends.

Caribbean Islands

It seems that no other place can beat this destination as there are abundant places for family vacation and beaches. Some recommended places include Aruba, the great place to enjoy pristine beach sands which are full of water sports activities or enjoying the warm sun for the whole day. As it is situated in the southern Caribbean mid, this is a strategic place to visit by families and solo vacationers. Beaches are only one alternative besides golf courses, casinos and surely fancy eating places.


Bahia Balena, Costa Rica

Not many people have heard about this. This is why it remains as a ‘secret’ place to visit by some backpackers, who do not want to share their wonderful journeys to others. Yet, more and more people have noticed that this bay is become another gem of Costa Rica in which it borders the country’s marine park. With wonderful sceneries of Pacific beaches and mountains, Bahia Balena is unbeatable. There are villas with minimalist design which are best for enjoying the tropical cool breeze.


Yangon, Myanmar

As the capital of Myanmar, this city surely hosts several places that charm every visitor. Though it has so many skyscrapers, Yangon still keeps cultural inheritance which represents the grandeur history of Myanmar. Check out the great Shwedagon Pagoda to witness the charm of ancient Myanmar. The beauty of native Myanmar can be seen through Yangon village and other villages which still maintain their native plants.

Rangoon, Burma

Those are only a few from several continents which can be the best alternative for everyone. Just choose the closest one to your country and you are able to enjoy the world’s total beauty.

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Dubai is simply blossoming! With the top notch tourist attractions and easy accessibility, Dubai is the hub of luxurious backpackers. Tourists from all parts of the world pour in to take pleasure from the lavish pampering facilities Dubai offers. You also enjoy some treats from the naïve Muslim locals such as respect, kindness and munificence. The tourist resorts and hotel in Dubai are world-class, with services prior to most contemporary five-star hotels of Europe.

4 things you are not supposed to fail to notice when you visit Dubai else believe me, you’ve missed paradise!


This tallest structure on the planet is designed like a giant needle shaped spacecraft. The opportunity to view the city from 134th floor should not be missed. It is a monument of contemporary technology and design.


Dubai Mall is a huge shopping mall. When you visit shopping and eating will just be a ritual but the cinema with 22 screens is what brings in the public. Mall also has an indoor theme park called Sega World and also a world for children called Kidzania. A giant aquarium with an underwater zoo is most beautiful to see.


Buy the purist gold in the world at Old Gold Market. Walking around the Gold Market you will be surprised to see stunning window displays of gold bricks.


World’s only seven star hotel, Burj ul Arab, is totally a landmark! Despite many newer hotels, Burj ul Arab has maintained its charm and entice. It has a sky view bar and eye-catching view from its top.


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Swat is one of the most frequently visited valleys of Pakistan. Known as the “Switzerland of Pakistan”, the beauty of Swat is incredibly mesmerizing. It has always compelled its visitors to return back to this exquisite place. Its old name was “Udyana” – Land of Gardens. Located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the snow-masked hills and high peaks, flourishingly green pastures and the sparkling waters of lakes magnetize vacationers to tranquilize themselves and become lost in the serenity of this valley.

The city of Marghzar has a White Marble Palace, which augments the sumptuousness of this peaceful valley. The palace has now been converted into five star hotels with excellent luxurious facilities. While journeying Swat you will also find wildlife in forest of Islampur. It is mostly photographed by wildlife hunters and nature lovers.

Trip to Swat is simply partial without catching a sight of Malam-Jaba. This hill resort, offers deluxe and luxurious facilities to the travelers, an amazing view of soaring mountains and a beautiful landscape. Another highly regarded tourist resort of Swat is Miandam. Even in the hottest summers, Miandam is supposed to be the coolest place in entire Swat as its towering mountains do not allow sun to throw its rays. Official guest houses, army messes and hotels provide residence to its visitors.

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Kalam is the most picturesque town of Swat. The view of melting snow dripping from the Falaksair Peak is magnificent. The panoramic beauty is aggrandized by the famous Mahodand Lake which has vivid cobalt waters.

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The astounding blue lagoon made Oludeniz internationally reputed. It is considered as one of the most photogenic sights of the world. There is a nearby town to buy local edibles for your picnic. The aerial view is just amazing.


Famous for: Paragliding, parasailing, jet-skiing.


Marmaris a serene dormant resort to ease out the nerve breaking tension you received back at work. On the Aegean coast, Marmaris mostly magnetizes tourists from Europe.


Famous for: Turtles, jasmine gardens, kaoaoke bars.


Antalya offers various beach destinations to delight you with. The most prominent of these are Konyaalti and Lara. Known for their serenity, clear calm waters, pebble beaches, waterfront walkways and elite resorts, Konyaalti and Lara attract tourists all around the year.


Famous for: Tranquility


The Patara Long Beach is the longest of all. It stretches about 18km or more. It is just perfect for swimming in the deep waters.


Famous for: Barefoot beach-walking.


The most craved beach destination of the foreign as well as Turkish rich is Bodrum. Enveloped within the azure waters of Aegean Sea, Bodrum presents to hydrophilics jaw-dropping hotels, boutiques, private beach clubs and the Halicarnassus disco.


Famous for: Entertainment and Partying.

Butterfly Valley

It rests candidly between two soaring cliffs; the awe-inspiring panorama striking your eyes makes you think it might be a dream.


Famous for: Camping and trekking the cliffs.

Sedir Beach

Legend says Cleopatra as declined stepping on any other than Egypt; Egyptian sands were flown to Turkey for her. The distinctive golden sands of this legendary beach are originally some fossils. The beach offers swimming in the composed, bottomless water.

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The World in Dubai

Well if you are on a trip to Dubai, and fortunately you can spare $2,000-$5,000 for a night, then pamper yourself with one night stay at an apartment on The World – floating islands of Dubai. Help yourself with their health and fitness centers, massage centers, tennis courts, Jacuzzis, golf club and even libraries. With your luck in action, you can even get to meet celebs there.

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Dubai Palm Jumeriah

Jumeriah is paradise, seriously! And no, it is not sinking, as it is rumored. Well, it is an extravagance only for the filthy rich ones. The two palm-tree-shaped islands are topped with sandy crescent strips and honored with the only seven-star hotel of the world, the Burj Al Arab. Dolphin Bay is a delight for everyone.

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Amwaj Islands

The Amwaj Islands in Bahrain are only for the elite, rich and affluent ones. As in Bahrain, foreigners are only permitted to rent land and not to buy any; this archipelago stand exempted as it is the only piece of land in the entire Kingdom which the foreigners can buy and sell.



No Man’s Land Fort

No Man’s Land Fort is owned by Harmesh Pooni. It is a residence of immense luxuriousness and eccentric taste, located off the coast of Britain. It caters swimming pool, gym, sauna, tennis courts, golf clubs and liquor bars.



Floating Mountain of Immortals

The design is such that it gives the look of a plate of metal left to melt in the sun. this sculpture is an assimilation of entirely dissimilar subjects – a fisherman, a cell phone, a computer and an elf. This masterpiece is a flawless achievement of a Chinese artist, Zhan Wang.

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img_6442aShogran is one of the places of Pakistan which is deeply naturally rich. Rest houses, hotels and huts for summer retreats are available for a tranquil holiday. Shogran is, basically, a plateau in the Kaghan Valley, fenced by thick pine forests and with an altitude of 7747 feet. Tourism recommended season is summer. June – August is the peak season, during this span weather remains pleasant yet uncertain; it is raining and in a while, the sun is on your head.

Shogran is an exciting place for family picnic. Calm environment and pleasant weather welcomes visitors. The air is impregnated with the scents of flowers. The area is heavily forested. Evening view is spectacular. You can go for an evening walk to the traditionally built restaurants and shops in the heart of the settlement. Don’t forget to taste the exquisite Kahwa (traditional green tea).

14683_11A wonderful excursion from Shogran is a jeep-visit to Siri Lake and the adjacent Paya meadows. These are lush green meadows with spectacular landscape. Rolling grassy lawns offers breathtaking panoramic views of snow covered mountains. One can also see varieties of wild alpine flowers on the rolling grassy slopes of Paya.

Trekking and Hill Walking is excellent activity in Shogran. Trekking towards Siri-Paya meadows is highly recommended. There are also good opportunities for those interested in more leisurely day trips, hill walking or nature study walks. Camping around Siri lake and Paya meadows is a life time enjoyment. A night in camp in peaceful and calm environment with cold breeze makes a dream come true.


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Luxury travel requires high cost and when you decide to spend your money to enjoy elegant amenities of an accommodation like a villa, then you deserve the best. The first important aspect that you should consider is the style. Most villas offer huge size and they can cater the needs of at least fifteen people. Yet, you still can enjoy the big villa though you should make sure that the villa has good safety standard, especially if you bring smaller kids to stay.

Another consideration to take includes the location. Newlywed couples will prefer to have villas that are more private with classic setting. There are so many places to choose for luxury villas. European countries have thousands of elegant accommodations to cater the demands of wealthy people in spending their Euros. Suburb areas which are known for their beauty will be the best villas to stay as they deliver excellent views. Chances are there are villas with scenic beauty of sea view or range of mountains. Magnificent panorama of villages is another charming panorama to enjoy.

However, tropical countries are also rich of luxury villas. They are usually perfect for summer holidays as you can enjoy warm sun all day. It is best to opt for beach villas which are mostly available with very well-equipped amenities. Yet, you can also choose tropical countries’ villas, which are located on colder areas. Usually, you will see range of mountains in the morning, along with the beautiful sunrise.

The next thing to consider is to find luxury villas, which are located near restaurants or shopping districts. Surely, they are not too close with public places. At least, they are easy to reach by cars or taxis. However, most five-star villas offer room services which offer excellent servings which have the same level and prices with those offered by five-star hotels.

July 27, 2013 Luxury Travel


Packing for business travel is not that complicated when you know how to pack right and what to bring in details. Packing clothes on a business journey is different with packing those for your summer vacation and this is obvious. You will have to meet some executives and attend formal meeting and invitation after hours and you should prepare for the proper attire. So, is it possible to make quick preparation on your business travel without any rush?

The key for fast packing is to prepare properly. This is the first step that every business traveler should pay attention. Without proper packing, a business travel will be stressful and things will get worse in the end. Keep in mind that there will be less pleasure activities during your travel at this time and you should focus on formal attire that you will wear for meeting sessions and some formal invitations. It is better to have different bags for clothes and for working equipment so that you are not feeling confused in finding your trousers later on. It is better for not bringing more than two bags because it can cause certain hassles. Just bring one bag for your formal clothes, shoes, socks and pajamas and another one for your laptop, chargers, tab PC and important files.

When it comes to business travel, you should really focus on what to bring on your business meetings. Make sure that you have prepared for the meeting points of material before the airplane takes off. You can have a rest during some hours at the airplane so that you are ready to join any meeting which will take place, right after your arrival. It is also important to find out about the climate on the visited city or country because you will need to bring additional equipment like umbrella and some medicines—just in case you will visit a country with high risk of contagious diseases.

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Magnificent beaches for enjoying water sports are the main gems of Tenerife. Millions of people flock in its beaches for witnessing the golden sand swathes and gorgeous black seashores. Yet, tourists always long for the yellowish sands while sun tanning under the warm sun. Everyone who visits Tenerife will be proud of their tans after returning

Nobody can doubt that Tenerife remains as a perfect destination for summer holidays, thanks to its warm climate for the whole year. With seven hours of the sun shining each day, everyone can enjoy stable temperature, range from 20 – 22° C. It makes the country has its own characteristics as the heaven of outdoor happenings. Every tourist always visits this island’s Southern part due to its higher sun exposures with less downpour level throughout the year.

Del Duque Beach and El Medano are among top places of the southern, famous beaches in the island. All tourists can enjoy all kinds of accommodations in forms of villas and hotels, magnificent tourism resorts, and many other amazing places. Both beaches appeal winder surfers and scuba divers though other activities like speed boating, and jet skiing are not less popular.

Yet, beaches are not the only appeal of this lovely island. Spending holidays in Tenerife will be more impressive with wonderful villages which are full of historical building. All villages are adorned with natural, beautiful plants that are rarely found on other parts of the universe. Some cities offer excellent shopping districts with less taxes applied so be ready to shop till you drop. What you need is strong stamina to wander around and enough money to pay for your credit cards bills in the coming month. Shopping beautiful handicrafts is what every tourist dreams.

Expect to have unforgettable nightlife during your visit. Get your best outfit and enjoy the vibrant pubs and nightclubs to ease the lonely nights. Tenerife is surely your best escapism in day and night.


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Never let your first cruising experience ruin your wonderful vacation. There is always the first time for everything, and when this is the first time for you to enjoy floating within luxury cruise, then you should make good preparation. First of all, it is best to know that you are not a kind of a person who are prone to get sea sick. If you are, it does not mean that you should vanish your dream in cruising. There are still some ways to enjoy sea travel by choosing the upper deck. You may have to pay higher than those in the cabin, because you do not feel the swaying movement due to sea waves.

Next, when you think that you are ready to party, then you should prepare the best outfit. Most luxury cruises oblige passengers to dress formally on first class passengers’ cabins. However, there are also some cruises that do not make any regulation about any kind of outfit, like Disney Cruise. For less formal regulation, it is best to choose summer trip cruises which usually travel to tropical islands. You can enjoy the warm sun from the deck patio or swim at the swimming pool which becomes one of the amenities of the cruises.

Leaving on a cruise during winter should be taken into serious consideration because winter on the sea can be very freezing. Warm clothes are the best to be worn in the ship and you can count how many days you are going to float above the sea. Just wear any piece more than once as you can just mix and match each of them with several different trousers or skirts.

The last but not least, taking certain medicines will be the best step because no matter how luxurious the cruise is, it may not provide the medicine that you will need. This is especially when you have certain disease that needs routine medicine taking. But still, just pray that you will remain fit and healthy while cruising. Have a nice trip!

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Do you plan to enjoy Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics? If so, then you should not miss taking a thrill by visiting a theme park which is located adjacent to the Russia’s Olympic village. The newly built Sochi Adventure Park will finish in the end of 2013. Expect to enjoy another adventure in this hundreds of millions dollars park which various attractions and rides. This extravagant park will stand proudly among several major attractions beside the Olympic venues like apartments, hotels, shopping districts and many more.

This place will boast on its various kinds of thrilling roller coasters and other kinds of themed lands with strong Russian culture, history, legends and folklores. There are also thirty-five rides for those who want to pump up their adrenaline. Check out its tallest 3,500-feet coaster with horseshoe shape and loop twist or the 1,200-feet coaster for wilder experience. There are also theater with 5-dimension special effects, simulators with high-end sci-fi, flying theater about Russia’s Flight, and the challenging dark ride in Journey Into the Darkness.

Kids will find this amusement park as their best place to visit as it can deliver unforgettable experiences. They will enjoy visiting Enchanted Forest that features fairy tales of Russian or Science Fiction as they will find space fantasy with magnificent background setting. They will also learn about Russian history when visiting Fortress of Warriors, revealing literary heroes of this great country. This park also introduces a tribute on historical Winter Olympics as visitors can find out about histories of Winter Olympics throughout years.

There are still other forms of entertainments like fire and laser effect nights, the top Russian circus, puppet shows, carnival rides, and various kinds of exhibitions. Smaller kids will also enjoy some rides like teacups, carousel, merry-go-round, mini train for toddlers, and hundreds of games for total amusement.

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