In the central part of Europe, near Germany and Austria, is the Czech Republic, in history these lands were usually occupied either by Germany or by Austria, Austro – Hungary. As most of the countries in Central Europe, it is a country of rich past, many cultural events, good sense for music and food. If you are going to visit Czech, the Czech traditional cuisine and drinks is what you surely should not miss.


Czech cuisine has been influenced by the surrounding countries, as mentioned above mostly Germany and Austria. Czechs are not really used to practice healthy diet; these are maybe characteristics from the eastern neighbors of the country. It is a diet mainly focused on meat, especially pork meat, one of the favorite dishes in Czech Republic is roast pork with cabbage it could be fresh or sour cabbage, or roasted pork with dumplings. Beef is another traditionally used meat, chicken, duck, goose are also included. Meat from wild game is also common to Czech cuisine, rabbits, deer meat etc. Because of the location of the republic, which is land, locals are not really into fish, except for the fried or baked carp, which is actually one of the fish specialties through most of the Eastern Europe.

All this tasty foods can be accompanied with quality Czech wine, but mostly and for a good reason lunch and dinner are served with one of the best beers in the world, the Czech beer. Beer in bars is usually server with fried cheese, fried potato pancakes and tradition sausages. Beer has been brewed here for many centuries; there are many breweries and even monasteries that brew it.  Many of the desserts in Europe are made in Czech, fresh cakes and pastries are delicious and are served in many establishments.

May 12, 2013 Cuisine

France is the top leading country in the world tourism; the reasons for this are numerous. The country history and culture is one of the most influential in the world, its royal families and kings are famous around the world, some of the most powerful and influential characters of history are from France, Napoleon Bonaparte and Joan D’ Arc. It is the country of the Eiffel Tower and many other architectural wonders, many colossal museums and art galleries. France has the Azure coast, the festival of Cannes, the French Alps and the Mont Blanc. France literally has everything and everything that comes out of France is famous. That is the case with the French cuisine too.


When it comes to the French cuisine, there are certain foods and drinks that come right away in mind, the wine and the cheese and to those with sweet tooth the croissant. Of course wines are most famous, vineyards are scattered all around France, and every region offers different wine, most of the worldwide sorts of grape varieties have origin from France, such are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir which are red sorts, and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling from the white varieties and many more red and whites.

Main regions in wine production in France are: Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Normandy and many more regions. Almost in every region in wineries and wine houses there are organized tours of wine tasting, there are such tours in the cities too, where the best wines and cheese from France are tasted. When it comes to cheese, France is the origin country of many favorite types of cheese such are Camembert, Roquefort, Brie de Meaux, Munster and many more. There are also cheese shops, where you can taste the cheese and buy.

May 12, 2013 Cuisine

Cruising is most of the times connected with white sandy beaches and warm and clear seas, but if you are into something a little different than you can go and cruise a little more on the north, take a cruise liner on the Scandinavian.  Cruising in Scandinavia gives you one unique and memorable pleasure because of the history and culture of the Scandinavian countries and because of the beauty of these northern lands.


Most of cruises in the North and in the Baltic Sea include the Kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, a visit to the Republic of Finland is also very common, some of the longer tours visit the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, even Poland and stop at one of the most famous cities in Russia St. Petersburg is also possible. Although there are more cities and ports to visit, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are usually in the focus of the tours.

There is many things to see on the Scandinavian peninsula, a cruise usually starts with the visit of Norway, there are majestic fjords to see at the coast of Norway, a visit to Bergen is one of the highlights of most of the cruise, in this important city of Norway is located the old Hanseatic wharf Bryggen, a Unesco World Heritage Site, there are also many museums and a district with authentic wooden architecture. Even one week cruising is not enough to see all the beauty of the Norwegian coast. Southern of Bergen and on the edge of the northern sea you can visit Copenhagen and Stockholm and try the Swedish and Danish cuisine, and in Stockholm visit the museums of the Vikings and the Vasa museum where whole and well preserved is a Viking warship, while in Copenhagen the sight of the gardens at Tivoli will leave you mesmerized.

May 12, 2013 Cruises

The Indonesian Archipelago is on the equator, it is consisted of more than 13.000 islands and it is stretched at nearly 5.000 km from east to west and even more than 2.000 km from south to north. Lands with mountains and volcanoes, with jungles and diverse flora and fauna, there are six seas here, many coasts beautiful dark and light blue waters, many ye unexplored reefs and one of the greatest marine life systems in the world. Indonesia is also very diverse in cultures, customs and religion; you can see many Islam, Buddhist and Hindu temples on the islands.


With so many locations and wanders to see and visit, you would thing that cruises are very often, but it is not so, there are not so many cruises in Indonesian archipelago throughout the year. The cruises that are present will visit only a small number of island and ports, this is mainly because of the huge number of islands. Cruises will take passengers on the many and wonderful tropical beaches, the temples on the islands are peaceful and marvelous, there are native villages that are lively and colorful. Although this is Indonesian Cruise it is very often that cruises are focused on Bali, which is of course the most popular port in the region.

Among the other islands that cruises involve is the island of Java, the island of the Volcanoes, where the finest examples of the tropical flora can be seen, on the island of Java are also the most stunning coasts of Indonesia. Another popular place to visit is Semerang, with the Buddhist temples; here you can see the biggest Buddhist complex in Borobudur. On every port and stop of the cruise visitors can go for swimming and enjoying water sports. Some of the cruises go further down to Australia.

May 12, 2013 Cruises


There are many things we forget to take with us on business trip. In this case the best thing is to make a list with the most necessary things, so you can be sure you will not forget them.

1.      Buy super slim notebook computer.

One of the best advices for people that travel very often is to leave their big and heavy notebooks home and buy one super slim notebook computer. For example new models of MacBook Air are slimmer and lighter than ever, btw they are fast and have the newest Intel processors.

2.      Take one extra charger for your notebook.

Extra charger for you notebook can save your business and that’s why it’s on second place.  Models from Kensington Powerlift are the best. Their batteries can be charged only in few hours and after that you can charge your phone, notebook or tablet when you have need and wherever you are.

3.      Bring one extra phone with you

This may look as one not very necessary advice, but never avoid it. Taking two phones on your business trip can save you many troubles. It must not be excluded dropping your phone on the ground or in some water, losing your phone, or your battery could be fully drawn. In these situations you will be glad about bringing your extra phone.

4.      Use a Hotspot telephone

New phone models like Motorola Atrix 2 can support Hotspot with 8 lines. If you want to take advantage of them, just activate your hotspot function in your settings. After this you can connect with other devices through Wi-fi. You must not forget that using this type of function will increase your monthly mobile invoice.

5.      Use internet memory.

You can always use your email address or websites like to store your documents. No matter where you are you only need mobile operator network and you can have access to your documents even in the middle of the airplane flight.

May 12, 2013 Business Travel

Business travel in Italy specialized for companies that work with package production of pastry, bread, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, meat and milk products, fish and sea products, organic oils and other oil connected products, ice-cream etc. Businessmen from all around the world can learn about this type of new technologies and their modernizing.


                The main sectors that are visited for this type of business travel are.

–      Machines and technologies about packages of food products.

–      Machines and palletizing equipment

–      Marking and labeling systems


Visitors can meet with professionally selected showers. Going on this type of business travel is a great opportunity to learn about the last products and the newest technologies, equipment, business projects and ideas for manufacturing different types of packages for all kind of food products. If you are ready to enter the door of the roman world, than Rimini is the perfect choice for you. Beside only visiting factories and fairs you can also enjoy your business trip with a cocktail under the hot sunshine rays.

Rimini has one of the greatest beaches on the Adriatic Sea; there are many interesting places that can be visited. It is a great vacation destination for strangers but also it is visited by many Italians. This city can offer you many impressive beaches, hotels with rooms facing the open sea. Rimini`s old town is very near the town center about 15 minute walk, there you can find many interesting places, restaurants and experience incredible sights.

Beside business traveling you can visit many historical places and buildings like the cathedral known as TempioMalatestiano it is built in the 13th century.

Tiberius Bridge is built over the Marecchia River; this bridge connects the north part of the city with the center. It is all made of stone.

There can be visited many other historical building and interesting monuments.


May 12, 2013 Business Travel

Finding the right business insurance can be a formidable task – after all, insurance salesmen make a very comfortable living. But finding the right travel insurance for the globetrotter in you, can be even harder. That’s because policies cover a wide spectrum of liabilities, but they differ from one provide to the next – as do the costs.

travel insurance


Follow these steps to ensure you get what you need at a reasonable rate.

Know Your Liabilities

Your insurance needs will vary greatly depending on the type of travels you make. Understand the liabilities — depending on your needs, you may have to go with more than one insurance provider.

Know The Costs

Once you know the required insurance for your planned trip, you should understand the underlying costs of exposure, such as replacement costs for equipment. This will help you shop around for the proper coverage in case of liability claims, and rule out the providers that will not help you when you need them most.

Understand What You Get

The fine print of any insurance policy will often have limitations on what the insurance provider actually covers. Depending on your travels, these exclusions could make the whole point of insurance moot. Even the same provider’s policies can have variations in the way it covers different events, so it’s important to analyse each policy independently. This page on HSBC’s website is a good example of what you can expect to see when researching the market for commercial insurance, for example. They stand as great examples and give you ideas when you shop for travel, as well.

Consider the Agent

Using an insurance agent can save you resources in finding the right insurance provider for you – but they are not necessarily the most reliable salesmen of the products they peddle. If you do decide to use an agent, find one with experience in your industry, who will understand your specific needs and obligations. If the agent is unwilling to answer questions about your specific needs, you should be looking for someone else or shopping around on your own.

Research Your Provider

Even if you use an agent, you should research the insurance provider. It’s essential that the company has a good track record of dealing with insurance claims and sound financial standing. Customer service should also be a consideration. Research the insurance providers, see how they rank, do an online search for customers’ past experiences, and get referrals when possible.

May 9, 2013 Business Travel

The Kigali genocide memorial center in Rwanda was constructed through a joint partnership of the Aegis Trust and the county council of Kigali. The memorial acts as remembrance of the 1994 genocide attack in Rwanda where thousands of people were killed. The center is located in the Gasabo district which is about 3 kilometers out of the city center of Kigali. The memorial center is the most popular and most visited genocide center in Rwanda for its ease in accessibility. It is a few minutes’ drives from the many hotels located around Kigali or a smooth drive straight from the Kigali international airport.


The human remains

All the remains of over 258,000 people were collected from the different districts around Kigali and then buried at the memorial site. The corpses were mainly found buried in toilets and ditches all over the city. The Kigali city council has also started treating the different objects that might be used as material proof for the genocide like the bones, clothes and any weapon that was used in the heinous act.

The testimonials

The memorial genocide center also has oral testimonials that were collected from the city quarters, publications, documents, the human bones and skulls preserved and the weapons used during the attacks like clubs, swords, machetes and axes among others. There are also thousands of identity cards, photographs, rosaries, pipes, clothes and shoes all which were abandoned by the victims.

The Kigali genocide memorial center was opened in the tenth commemoration of the genocide attack. It has the exhibition space, the archive, documentation center, a library, mass grave, memorial gardens and the peace and reconciliation center.



May 8, 2013 Destinations

During the colonial times, Senegal was used as the country where the slaves were hosted before being exported to work in the industries and farms in the western countries. One such area in Senegal that can clearly be evidence is the House of Slaves and the door of no return. The House of Slave museum was constructed to be a memorial and museum to the slave trade across the Atlantic Ocean. This museum is constructed on Goree Island that is just 3 kilometers from the capital city of Senegal, Dakar. The museum opened its doors in 1962 for all the American, European and even African visitors.


Memorial House of Slaves

The House of Slave museum was reconstructed and the doors opened to the public in the nineteen sixties by the help of Joseph Ndiaye. Ndiaye was a well known curator and an advocate of the memorial and belief that the building was used to hold slaves as they awaited exportation to America. After becoming the curator of the museum, Ndiaye claimed that tens of thousands of slaves passed through the doors of no return. This has made the site to become a major tourist attraction and has attracted thousands of world leaders when they tour Senegal.

Academic importance

The House of Slave museum has attracted many world researchers and historians when trying to take account of the slave trade. This has led to many deducing their own theories on the slave trade and the importance of the town in slave trade have always stood clear. It is all in the historical accounts that the building was constructed in 1776 with the help of slaves and housed the wealthy colonialist before being used for slave trade.

The House of Slave is a great place for those who love history and get to learn of the slave trade. Famous world leaders like Nelson Mandela have made stops in the area and paid respect to the former slaves.

May 8, 2013 Destinations

Janjanbureh is an ancient town founded around 1831 which is found in the Janjanbureh Island. The island is found in the western part of Gambia in Gambia River. Initially, the town was known by the name of Georgetown and held the second position in size in the entire country. Currently, the town has been named as the capital of division of Central River. The Janjanbureh town is famous for holding the main prison of Gambia.


Tourist attraction sites

Janjanbureh has the wassu stone circles which are just 20 kilometers from the Lamin Koto. This has attracted many people to see the culture of the natives of the area. Also present in the island are some of the oldest high schools in the country as well as the first church to be built in Gambia. The tourists have a chance to enjoy the various cultural practices and the friendly environment of the locals.

The history of Janjanbureh

Janjanbureh was initially known as the McCarthy Island and was located in the division of McCarthy Island.  The town was founded by the British as a settlement for the creoles. It later turned to be an administrative and economic town. The island was being accessed by bridge in the banks in the south using the small boats that ferried the people on the bank in the north. The McCarthy and Georgetown were then renamed to Janjanbureh in 1995.

The Janjanbureh offers a great attraction for all visitors with the friendly environment and the accommodation in the island and the nearing towns.


May 8, 2013 Destinations

Southeast Asia is known for its beautiful countries and wonderful destinations. In Hong Kong there are The Peak and the Big Buddha; the Philippines has the Mount Mayon and longest Zipline; Malaysia has the Petronas Tower; Vietnam has the An Bang Beach, Myanmar has the Shwedagon Pagoda; and Singapore has the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark.

The best thing about these nations is that they also offer some of the most delicious street foods in the world.

HK StreetFood

Hong Kong Street Foods

Most of Hong Kong street foods are served skewered like the following:

  • Satay – grilled meat
  • Cantonese Chicken Feet
  • Shrimp Balls

Philippines Street Foods

Just like in Hong Kong most of street foods served in the Philippines are also skewered, and these are mostly called “Inihaw” or grilled, but there are some served in other ways.

  • Banana-que – fried bananas skewered in bamboo sticks
  • Chicken Barbeque (different chicken parts) – the Filipinos love eating chicken very much that eat almost every part of this bird such as; head, intestines (isaw), feet (adidas), liver, neck, and even the clotted blood. Of course the mostly known edible parts of chicken are also being served.
  • Pork Barbeque – small pork slices skewered in bamboo sticks.

Other Street Foods

Malaysian street foods include; deep fried bananas and yams, and potato balls. When you go to Singapore you will encounter Popiah (fresh spring roll), Char Kway Teow (noodles), and Roti (bread). Myanmar offers Mohinga (rice noodles in fish soup and fritters), Pe Byouk (boiled peas) and Curried Goat Testicles. Vietnam on the other hand, serves Saigon baguette, Bann Cuon (roll cake) and Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls).


May 8, 2013 Cuisine

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