Wisconsin is the striking state in United States located in north Central America in regions of Great Lakes and Midwest.  It is bordered by Minnesota, Illinois, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. It is considered as the most populous state that falls in 20th place for population and 23rd place in total area.  Madison is the Capital of Wisconsin. Milwaukee is the largest city located at western cost of Lake Michigan.

The name Wisconsin was given by group of American Indian who speaks Algonquian; they lived in this region during European period.  Wisconsin encompasses 72 counties.  The state offers thrilling experience for the visitors who are thrill lovers.


America Track

America Track, drive the road,  this a perfect place for professional racers, 14-turn track with 4miles near the Elkhart Lake, not just professionals but also normal people can take this thrilling adventure to get memorable experience. People who are above 16 years can chase a pace car in their car but be careful you may get into trouble even get crashed because of the high speed.  Monthly once you can get eight hours class which will be performed by driving workshops. In May17th to 19th pro races will start. Enjoy this thrilling Drive on America Track when you visit Wisconsin.


Climb Cliff at Devils Lake

Don’t forget to visit this enthralling Cliff located at Devils Lake.  The amazing cliff is in Wisconsin’s famous state park close to Baraboo. These are perfect, rugged and beautiful quartzite cliffs, especially rock climbers enjoy the most and they can’t wait to climb the cliff. Nobody restricts you but follow the safety rule while climbing the rock, make sure to use safety outfit and supplies to climb the cliff also follow instructions.

Water Rafting

This is another way to spend thrilling moments when you visit Wisconsin.  Face the amazing fast moving waters.  Get hold of this opportunity and get a nice campsite at any famous Rapid Rafting Resort closer to Crivitz.  The resort management arranges guide for rafting on the Menominee Rivers and rash Peshtigo. Enjoy the harsh waters and get thrilled.

These are some of the amazing and thrilling excitement one can experience when they visit Wisconsin the striking State of America.


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Planning a get away from routine life is sometimes makes life exiting and interesting. People always find ways to get into vacation spirit but most of the time they end up going to same old places which they have visited million times before. For a change try some various other magnificent places in the world and explore different cultures and traditions, get rid of old habits and try something new.  This article may help you find your dream vacation spot, Enjoy!!!



Yosemite the most beautiful National Park located in California, United States.  It is the largest and least disintegrated territory in Sierra Nevada. Yosemite National Park supports a range of animals and plants.  This size of the park is almost the size of Rhode Island.   The park features meadows, mountains, large number of sequoia trees, and the most beautiful and magnificent waterfall. Visitors can enjoy fishing, biking, horseback ride and many other such adventures.  The trip brings unforgettable moments.



Yellowstone National Park located mainly in the State of Wyoming in America but it is also extended into Idaho and Montana. It is considered as the primary national park globally. It is also famous for its amazing wildlife, and special geothermal features like outstanding and faithful geyser, these Geysers are the most popular and grand features of the park.



Visit the most beautiful destinations and make your trip more exciting and interesting.

Explore the World and face the earth’s most challenging destinations, this is going to be breathtaking experience to all those people who love to face and enjoy the challenging moments. To our refinement the world offers the most challenging destinations, where you have to face unimaginable cold climate or dry places and able to survive, and face the earth’s most extreme and wild nature and countenance these outstanding and challenging destinations.


Earth’s Highest Peak

Mount Everest the amazingly beautiful and enchanting place to visit.  It is Earth’s magnificent and highest mountain, the peak of the mountains is around 29,029 feet above the sea level and it is 5th tallest mountain measured from earth center.  It is located at Mahalangur the division of Himalayas.

Mount Everest magnetizes many explorers and highly practiced mountaineers and also competent climbers who can able to hire proficient guides.  The climb on Mount Everest may not be technically challenges on common route but it presents dangerous like wind, weather and altitude sickness. Enjoy and explore these beautiful mountains and discover yourself.


World’s most isolated islands

Tristan da Cunha is an isolated volcanic cluster of Islands in South Atlantic Ocean; it is the main Island of the group. It is one the most isolated archipelago on the earth, sited 1,750mi from the nearby land in South Africa and 2,088 mi from South America.  The terrain subsists of the main island of Tristan itself which measures around 98sqkm along with isolated Nightingale Islands and Gough Island.  Visit and explore more of this Island and learn the secrets.


Mariana Trench –The lowest point of the Ocean

Mariana Trench is considered as the lowest and deepest point of the oceans. It is positioned in the Western-Pacific Ocean located at the east of Mariana Islands.  The trench is approximately 1,580mi long and width of 43mi only.   Bottom of the channel the water

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There is nothing better than planning a dream trip or celebrating your honeymoon in beautiful luxury destinations.  To make your honeymoon trip most memorable, you can choose the romantic destination where you can spend happy moments just staying in a luxury hotel or explore some memorable ancient ruins or taking a ride on elephant by taking a safari in rainforest or spending special honeymoon in spectacular cities in the world.  Whatever the destinations you choose, it is important that you make your special days into special and beautiful memories for you, for life.

You may find the below mentioned honeymoon destinations help you plan your dream trip the most possible way.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a beautiful Island located France, the Pacific Ocean. This small island is completely filled with beauty, it possesses some inactive volcanoes, lush forests, and also you can find beautiful aquamarine lagoon in Bora Bora Island.  One of the famous author once described Bora Bora as a beautiful and exotic Island in the world.  The famous explorer James Cook of 18th century said Bora Bora is a pearl of the mighty Pacific Ocean.  The classic Islands have luxurious resorts, warm water, friendly locals, and beautiful sunny skies.  It is definitely the best and romantic destinations where you can spend relaxed moments peacefully.



Santorini is officially called as Thira and classically called as Thera, it is a beautiful Island situated in Southeast mainland of Greece.  This beautiful island is famous for its black sand beaches, mostly located in southeastern Kamari or Perissa on the chief island of Thira. The other interesting spot in Thira is archaeological enchantment of prehistoric Akrotiri gives amazing experience to visitors. This destination surely gives thrilling experience.

The Carnival Cruise Company shares have fallen around 7% after the company produced profit warning. The company Carnival operates brand ships like Costa Cruises and P&O,  said that the early revenues which were projected to be dreary and now it would fall even more around 2 to 3%. The company now held responsible on the plunge on higher than the anticipated rise in cruise cancellations.

Carnival Cruise

The Carnival Cruise now anticipates full year earnings in 2013 per share is in the  collection of 1.45 dollars to 1.65 dollars compared to their previous  income  regulation of 1.80 dollars to 2.10 dollars, mentioned in a proclamation.  The famous analyst also advised investors to trade the shares subsequent the warning, which says reducing the ticket cost was not very wise idea and also said that reduction the price is not going to compensate by increasing the volumes.  Also mentioned that the promise they may affect the future and also the Carnival may struggle to recover pricing power.

The cruise firm suffered a chain of soaring profile troubles with the ships.  The most unforgettable incident was happened in 2012 that the Costa Concordia Cruise ran ashore off the bay of Italy. In that incident around 32 people died, they blamed the captain of the Cruise and also blamed the Cruise line.  This particular incident took place recently that the Carnival Triumph boat left loose at Gulf of Mexico in the month of February for 5 days, Gerry Cahill the chief executive of Carnival also apologized to customer for being irresponsible. During that time around 4.200 passengers suffered with shortage of food and overflowing toilets.



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Aviation Museum is located at Xiatngshan, China.  This museum is the largest in Asia that is famous in displaying aircraft vestiges.  The museum covers area of 1,000 acres. The museum contains the collection of over 100 types of models, 200 aircrafts, and 700 patterns of equipment and weapons like antiaircraft artillery, missiles, aerial bombs, air-defense radar etc.  The visit to museum also helps you understand the world’s greatest aviation technology and the treasures and modern aircraft equipment like 99 trainer aircraft advanced model, Yak-17, IL-10, F-12 etc.  The management also allows you to take a look at original study materials and also allows you to participate in various aviation activities.


Cavern Exhibition-Hall

This Exhibition hall is located towards the south covering the area of 20,000sqmts.  In cavern exhibition hall the visitors can get to see various ancient flight inventions and also they can observe the most modern and high-speed fighter planes, this shows how the technology evolved and how the man become more innovative in making such incredible aircrafts.  The right side of the exhibits you can see the aviation history of China and also you can observe various models of manufacturers and aircrafts from U.S, Soviet Union, France, Canada, Japan, etc.  The left side of the exhibits is modern aircrafts of China.  The back side of the hall you can observe missiles, radars, artilleries etc.

Open-air Exhibition Vicinity

Open-air Exhibition is located at north side.  The area is divided into two parts as the Hero Avenue scurry through open air exhibition.  You can observe an artificial lake towards the left side of Hero Avenue.  The lake planes are visible on southern side, they were used particularly for display of great people and northern side the bombers and various types of special aircrafts are exhibited.

Visit this outstanding Aviation Museum in China, each hall displays the significant facts of Aviation and displays breathtaking history of the aviation and authentication of aircrafts technology. Enjoy the visit and learn more about Aviation.

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Italy is the largest Southern European country. Greece and Italy is accredited as the origin of Western-Culture.  The beautiful Italy is also possesses huge number of World Heritage Sites globally that are recognized by UNESCO. The country is also famous for its ingenious art work and famous monuments, which are found everywhere in the country.

Italy is also famous for its scrumptious cuisines, luxury motor cycles and Sport Cars, trendy fashions, different dialects and regional cultures and also gorgeous coasts, mountains and alpine lakes.  It is defiantly stands out for its beauty and also famously known as the gorgeous Country.


Travel Advices

But when traveling to any tourism places one need to understand few things about the country before going, same with this beautiful country.  People always tend to cover more places in less time, which is not so good idea.  The advice is, don’t cover than what you can. Enjoy each place by spending quality time, if you are in hurry and want to cover many spots in one day than, you cannot enjoy the places and also get tired easily.  Plan in such a way where you can cover the important places in particular area by not taking more travelling time to reach each place.  That way you can cover more attractions and also enjoy every moment.  So, before travelling to Italy get to know the important places and then plan accordingly.


Less Language

The best advice is carry less language when travelling to exotic place like Italy.  More luggages means more discomforts. So it is good to travel with the less luggage which is easy to carry when you are travelling various places, take only what you need, personal stuff, nothing more nothing less.  Make your trip comfortable and effortless then you can not only enjoy the exotic places but also feel comfortable and graceful.

The beautiful Italy is the best tourism destinations in the world. Travelling on the narrow dirt-roads is wonderful experience and finding the roadside pizzeria beyond the way is like discovering the buried treasure. Everything is beautiful in Italy. Everyone must visit this elegant country at least once in a life time.



Indian Tourism is a quite a big industry, and according to WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) the Indian tourism, in 2011 generated 121 billion dollars that is 6.4% of nation’s GDP.  The industry is providing jobs for 39.3 million people. The sector has increased tremendously between the year 1990 to 2011 and it is predicted to grow more by every year, the growth is going to be 8.8% from 2011 to 2021.  India is in 5th place for the fastest evolving tourism industry.


Visitors from Foreign Countries

In 2011 among millions of tourists around 6.29 million visitors are foreign tourist who came to India to see the authentic tourist attractions, the drastic raise of 8% when compared to the year 2010.  The majority of visitors are from United States of America around 16% tourists come from US, and around 12.6 % visitors come from United Kingdom.  Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Delhi are the well-liked states for overseas tourists.  The most visited cities in India by foreign tourists are Chennai, Mumbai, Agra and Delhi. Chennai ranked 41st position in Worldwide of foreign tourists, Delhi ranked 50th position, Mumbai 57th and Agra 65th position in worldwide rankings of foreign visitors.

Travel and Tourism

In the year 2011 the Competitiveness Report of Travel& Tourism ranked the outlay emulous of Indian tourism division ranked 28th from 139countries.  The report also states that Indian air transport is comparatively quite good than many other developing countries and it is ranked 39th position and also mentioned that the infrastructure for transport is at reasonable stage of development and also ranked 43rd position.  Still the tourism industry in India need to make few amendments to improve the structure and also able to allure more foreign tourists by improving the accommodations facilities and other significant stuff where foreign tourist feel comfortable to visit the Ingenious India more frequently.

Visit Incredible India and explore the beauty and outstanding culture and traditions, which vary from state to state, each state in India offers memorable moments. Visit all states in India and enjoy the momentous vacation.

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Are you planning to visit Indiana for this summer holidays than don’t forget to visit the most haunted houses in Indiana, where you will get/feel lifelong thrilling experience.


Haunted Hotel

13th floor of Haunted Hotel in Indiana dares you to enter.  The facts are Hotel Warwick is better and bigger; it is 4D, not 3D. Damian Warwick assumed there were 302 deaths during the accident, Warwick hotel burned down in the year 1904. They also suspect that here your darkest horrors and worst fears come alive.

Haunted Hotel-13th Floor is the best haunted house in Indiana; take a good look at the well-known 13th floor.  Enjoy your stay in this awesome hotel but remember you are not alone in your room, you will find company that you may not like to have but don’t worry, it is believed that the unwanted guests takes good care of you. You are always welcome to stay at Warwick Hotel in Indiana, pleasure is all yours!!!

Haunted Cave

Haunted cave are at Lewisburg, Ohio.  This real haunted cave is in fact located 80 feet below ground. The hunted cave is the best running and very attractive underground Halloween haunted attraction of Ohio.  It was recognized as World’s Longest Haunted-House in the year 2010. 30,000 bats reside in that haunted caves and perhaps ghouls and ghosts also live there. It is Ohio’s darkest, longest scariest and creepiest Halloween event.  You are sure to enjoy the walk with the bats and ghost inside the cave. Let’s face your fear and enjoy the Haunted cave visit in Ohio.

Haunted Angleus House

Haunted Agleus House is in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is most horrifying haunted-house event to help cerebral palsy home group.  Also made to scare you and bring chills in your spine. Enjoy the event and get scared.

All these Haunted experience will surely stay with you forever, all these events are definitely worth visiting once in your life time. Enjoy the visit to Indiana and make most out of it by visiting Haunted houses in Indiana.

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When going in New York you should know that it is one of the safest cities in the states so you can go roam and wander as much as you want and can, because the purpose of tourism is to wander, learn and experience, of course use some of your sense, as a tourist it is good advice to avoid going alone in early morning hours or to walk alone while been drinking etc.


There is a 7 day unlimited ticket for the metro, you should consider taking this, because New York is big, while this ticket is not really expensive. A ride with the metro is very interesting especially because of the fact that the metro here is really old. If you want to go in a restaurant and find a free table consider going earlier than the normal time for dinner because almost everything here works with reservation, so if you hit the rush hour there is small possibility you will eat in the restaurant you desired. You have the world cuisine in New York so wander around and try something new.

New York is one of the fashion centers in the world, with so many shopping malls it is hard not to buy anything, but look for smaller shops too, as you can find classy and designers outfit on much lesser price.  The city is not only fashion center, it is also centers of the popular music nowadays, many popular divas and singers but actors as well are from or live in New York, so be sure to check if there is some show to attend, or go on a movie premiere and see your favorite actors or producers.  When you are tired of the urban jungle, you can go for a walk or a ride with a bike in the huge Central park.

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If you are looking for an adventure, Bulgaria is a destination that offers great variety of activities and sports you can do while you are in the country. It is an attractive place, and all this comes at quite cheap prices.

The eastern parts of Bulgaria are located on the shores of the Black sea, thus Bulgaria offers the opportunity of many water sports, besides diving and swimming, there are many clubs where you can rent equipment and go for surfing, kite and wind surfing, there is also Jet Ski and beat excursions. There are also great places to go for fishing, and there is under water fishing.


In the central and western parts of Bulgaria there is more mountainous terrain, actually one third of the country is under mountains and hills, where you can go for hiking and trekking, there are completely equipped establishments in some regions. There are organized marches and routes are traced, so you can enjoy the beautiful looks and the flora and the fauna. In some of the mountains there is possibility to go for a walk on horseback; with guides lowland trips are also included. Mountain biking is also good option in these regions as they offer very interesting paths. The mountains from the period of November to April are in good condition for skiing as there are many ski centers, some of which are regionally very popular.

Another sensation and joy to those who seek more extreme activities is white rafting on fast running rivers, on rivers such as Iskar and Struma, kayaking on the Iskar River is also enjoyable experience, best time to go fir this activity is in May and June.

In the recent years golf has been well developed in Bulgaria, famous golf players have designed some of the golf terrains in the region, for best pleasure of the visitors.

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