Combining all of the skills required to take good photos, along with limited room for supplies and the complications of travel, means there is a great deal to learn to be a good travel photographer. Whether you have never done more than get a picture on vacation, or have spent years on the road photographing locations, there’s always more to learn in the area of travel photography. Here, we have compiled an informative list of articles to help you shape your skills-whether as a career, or as a hobby.

Travel photography is one of the more common forms of photography for both amateur and professional photographers. It is also one of the more difficult forms of photography. You are likely to experience less equipment, you cannot control the light, and you still have all the challenge of planning the trips and finding the perfect locations. These tips can help you to jump-start your travel photography skills.

Travel Tips Overload?

Professional photographers have to understand what kind of photos are wanted, how to include people correctly, how to set a sense of time and place, and most importantly, how to act professionally. The requirements for being a professional travel photographer are no different. Learn more about whatever it takes to shoot like a professional, no matter how much experience you have.

Nothing is more important to any photographer than a good camera. For a travel photographer, having a camera that is compact and simple to carry is just as important as any other feature. These digital cameras are great choices to consider as you start to look for equipment.

There is a common truism that the most effective camera is the camera that you have with you. This is even more true for travel photographers. The iPhone becomes a near perfect second camera for travel photographers, for this reason. Ensure that you do not miss a great opportunity because your camera is full, left behind, or even broken. These apps can help you to make your iPhone into one of the more versatile cameras available.

Next, make sure all camera equipment is insured and that the serial numbers are noted down and filed. If traveling overseas, to know if you need any registration certificates for the camera equipment. Contact the government agency in your region for further information on international travel. In the USA, check the US Department of State’s Website. This step is important to make sure that no duties are assessed on the camera gear upon re-entrance into the country.

The FAA states when traveling with photographic equipment, two carry on bags are allowed. It is necessary to check with the local airline carrier to make sure their restrictions do not prohibit the second bag. Having a second carry on bag will make packing easier.

One of the difficulties of photographing on the road is that you’ve got to bring everything you will need with you! At the same time, you’re very limited in space. This means that thinking through what you’ll bring on your trip is vital to any travel photographer. This list will help make certain you bring all that you need.

The list of whatever you need for traveling is different for every photographer and location, so while a single list is useful, looking over a second list can not only make sure you do not miss anything, but by seeing what matches you can know what is absolutely essential so you’re least likely to bring things that you do not need.

You must also take into account the other things that you’ll need as well as yo travel beyond simply having camera equipment. Remembering things like the maps, knowing the weather and the insurance for your camera is vital. These tips on packing help to ensure you do not miss anything vital.

No matter how good your pictures look, so as to be successful as a travel photographer, you gotta know what work is available. If you’re considering a career as a travel photographer, or trying to expand into new areas, this article is a good place to start. Here, you’ll find tips that you can start using right away.

When traveling, you’re generally going to be in a town you do not know, Trying to locate great places to take pictures and great things to exposure can be a challenge. This article teaches you how to get to great photo opportunities in any city. This will make your trips far more productive, and enable you to find photos you never would have managed to research before you got there.

Finding great locations for your travel photography is important. However, if you want personalize your photos that means people. Simply having someone standing in front of a famous location is not all that interesting, though. This article gives a series of great ideas for how to include people, thus producing really great travel photography.

Travel photography is an aspiration for many people. One of the best means to understand what it’s like is to come and talk to people who do it. This interview can get you a good sense of what it is actually like to be a travel photographer, as well as some great tips on ways to improve your own photography.

Lonely Planet is one of the more important travel guide publishers in the world, and one that most travel photographers should be aware of. For those who wish to not only visit great places, but likewise take great photos, the “Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography’ is an important source of information.

Travel photography is more than just traveling to great locations. It is about seeing the greatness in less glamorous locations. That means learning to see and think like a travel photographer. The Photographer’s Eye Field Guide ‘can help you know the great opportunity for travel photography no matter where you are.

There are a few things that every travel photographer needs. However, there are also things that every travel photographer would like to have or can always use more of. So, whether you’re searching for a gift for the travel photographer you know, or looking for some interesting for yourself, there are a number of great ideas here.

February 17, 2014 Travel tips

solotraveltips copy

Traveling alone is probably one of the most popular entry on a person’s bucket list. There is a certain thrill to imagining the possibility of conquering an entirely new place alone. People who have done it can attest that it is indeed a remarkable experience, something that distinguishes itself from any other travel experience with friends of loved ones.

Visiting a new place alone gives a person more opportunity to really explore and meet new people. This is even a better experience to try in an area that has a completely different culture and practices than the traveler’s hometown. This experience is more than just capturing beautiful photos, it is more about finding oneself in the stories of different people and places.

While this seems to be a really worth trying adventure not all people are confident enough to take on a solo travel. Here are practical guidelines on how to survive your first travel alone may it be within the country or abroad.

Research about the place that your are about to visit – even the most veteran travelers take time to research about their next destinations. A thorough research about a place and its people will help you adjust even prior to setting foot in your destination. This helps reduce that normal jittery feeling brought about by the excitement and anxiety of visiting a new place alone. Make sure to bring a copy of your research with you. Internet may not always be readily accessible in some destinations.

  1. Pack Light – when you are alone and new to a place the first thing that you need is mobility. You do not have the luxury of leaving some things behind while you explore, or have a companion to assist you with the extra luggages. If possible, make sure to pack all your things in one bag to make hopping from one place to another a lot more convenient.
  2. Go where backpackers go – you can easily do this by doing the first tip. Find out which accommodation places are most famous among backpackers. By staying where they are, you will increase your chances of meeting brave souls like you. These fellow backpackers can also be one of the best few travel buddies that you can have along the way. You will be amazed with how many of them are also braving the new place alone just like you.
  3. Get rid of social media – although it can really be tempting to update people back home of your adventures through social media, you can use that time of updating by taking as many good photos as you can, and talking to the locals. Social media updates have been known to reduce the value of a travel experience, because some travelers tend to be too concerned about “what to post online” rather than focusing on the beauty and diversity that is right in front of them online.
  4. Do not fall for travel tours – the worst that you can do to yourself as a solo traveler is to join package tours. Not only will this reduce your travel experience to programmed site visits, but this may also reinforce loneliness as most of the people who avail these tour packages come in groups. Be assured of your own capability to explore the place.

They say once you survived your first travel alone, it’s hard not to want to do it again. The opportunity for reflection and escape is something that group travels may not necessarily offer. Go where your feet take you.


October 30, 2013 Travel tips


Most of us think that it is safe to place our important travel documents in the safety box in a hotel. Though it is true for some reasons, we have to be very cautious about keeping our important files, especially when we have to travel abroad. There are many true cases about tourists, who have to find difficulties because they lose their important documents during their travel abroad. Ironically, they lost them on the hotels, the place where they stayed and placed everything safely.

When we think that our traveling moment is full of fun activities, we should face bitter facts that we are losing our vital belongings, which can bring major disaster. So, wherever you spend you holidays, it is important to keep important things organized. Keep in mind that there are some points that you should follow. They include:

#1 .Make a list of stuff

It is important to make a list as you place those goods within your bags. They include passports, visas, airline tickets, all kinds of ID cards. Do not list only the items, but make sure you write all important series of numbers on each document. It will be very helpful when you lose them. Or, make at least two copies on every document and you should bring them anywhere when you travel. This is much safer.

#2 Make A List of Important Numbers

Never forget to note every contact that you deal with. It includes airline ticket company, hotel’s phone number, embassy, and your relatives, back on your country as they can help you in contacting authorized institutions if you lose some vital documents.

It is important to bring a file folder with you. You may recall those school days as you brought all your paperwork within. Keep in mind that a file folder is very much helpful in making you organized. The main important thing to do is not being panic when you face unexpected things because it will make everything worse.

July 27, 2013 Travel tips

You must have heard about tips in spending holidays with limited budget, and you will be suggested to make advanced booking. Yes, it is an old tips which are always effective though there are still some other suggestions that you can apply for minimizing your expenses during your visit on other cities or countries.

If you think that you cannot go to European countries with limited budget, then you are wrong. You still can enjoy beautiful places on Europe as long as you know where to explore without spending much on transportation. Most European countries have small, yet beautiful cities that tourists can explore by foot.  Besides, renting a car can be somewhat complicated because many small cities have fewer parking spaces. Renting cars will be effective when we want to explore country sides which are available on almost all European countries.


Using public transportation is also efficient because most of them are low cost as they can take visitors to various places. Trains can even take visitors to some countries in shorter time. One can go from London to Cannes for about nine hours with very affordable prices. Besides, many public transportations in European countries are safe from criminals.

Reducing costs on flight charges is beneficial because bringing many bags will charge high on flight travels. Traveling does not require too much stuff to bring. Just choose the most important small things to bring on the handbags or second bags that you can bring along with you. Costs for weight fees are varied, depending on the airlines and the distances. But you can minimize your budget significantly and you do not have bring heavy bags as well.

You can avoid buying snacks on the airport because they can cost too much. Just prepare yourself from home without feeling hungry so that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on one of fast food restaurants in the airport. Happy traveling!

July 10, 2013 Travel tips


Everyone knows Bali is a very beautiful island with rich cultural touch in every corner of its cities. There are millions of visitors throughout the world, who have no doubt in visiting this island for even more than three times! However, if you have never been there, there are important facts that you should know as the island has very strong mindset about sacred places and habits.

  • People in Bali has strong belief in keeping some places as sacred ones. Be sure not to step on some flowers that they put in front of their homes or stores, whenever you walk in the pedestrians, or even to some markets selling souvenirs like Sukawati.
  • The tropical weather always welcomes every tourist at anytime. The island will be more crowded during Indonesian holidays.
  • Traveling with limited budget is convenient here because you still can shop for various arrays of clothes, souvenirs, ethnic accessories and so forth.
  • Be careful with the traffic because there are some rules which may not work well in the country. Remember, this island is in third world countries where rules mostly do not exist.
  • Bali is considered safer when it is compared to other cities in Indonesia. Sometimes, there are crimes like pickpocket stealing on tourists because they think that tourists are always rich.
  • Hotels and villas in Bali are convenient and the luxurious ones always provide drivers if you rent cars or you can just have a bike to enjoy nearby places.

It is common to see bargaining prices when it comes to transportation whether you want to ride on a ‘becak’ (Indonesia’s typical vehicle), or a taxi. Keep in mind that there should be clear agreement between you and the driver because there can be misunderstandings in terms of price and destination.

June 23, 2013 Travel tips


Kids’ holidays are coming and this is the time when parents have to prepare traveling with their kids. We all know for sure that there should be better preparation when it comes to travel with kids. It can be very memorable but it can bring many hassles. For kids, they always want to visit new places each day and parents should really take this into serious consideration. Kids can get upset easily and they are very expressive. Once they are not satisfied with the place and surrounding, they can get upset for the whole day. Surely, it can be less comfortable for everyone.

Go on reading this article for the best preparation in traveling with kids.

  • Never restrict them nor give freedom too much.
  • Let them make friends with new other kids, but keep an eye on them, just in case there is a tendency that one can harm another incidentally .
  • Avoid letting kids in bringing their expensive goods like portable games, tab PC or any other game device. It can be dangerous for their safety, especially when they have to visit third world countries.
  • Bring along their medicines, especially when they have serious health condition.
  • Bring good ambiance while traveling with them. Make a great conversation so that they will not be bored during the trip. Besides, you and your kids need to maintain good relationship, especially if you work.
  • Never get upset with kids in front of others.
  • Bring healthy snacks from home instead of buying from street vendors. We do not know the precise ingredients. So be careful

Kids need to have adequate rest after traveling as you—as adult—also needs some times to rest. If you have to return home before their first days of schools, make sure that you arrive at least two days from the first school day. So, have a nice and memorable trip!

June 23, 2013 Travel tips

travel medical kit

Travelling can be fun or disastrous to your health depending on how well you have prepared for the trip. When travelling, you expose your body to a whole new environment that may pose challenges to your health. You have to prepare well, do not leave anything to chance. Here are some gold-worthy tips from AXA PPP International to help you stay healthy on the road


1. Do research on your destination

Research the area that you intend to visit to get a glimpse of what to expect. This will help you decide if you need to get immunised against various diseases such as polio, yellow fever, typhoid or hepatitis. For example, Malaria is a common ailment that affects people who travel to countries in South America and Africa.

2. Pack a First Aid Kit

A minor injury such as a cut can significantly distort your plans making your holiday miserable therefore it’s advisable to have a fully equipped first aid kit in your travel bag. Some of the essential things to include in your kit are pain killers, cold medicine, anti- bacterial creams, stomach medicine, bandages, anaesthetics and other medical accessory that you deem appropriate. Pre-packaged first aid kits can be purchased from leading pharmaceutical stores near you. Since most of the medications are in liquid or tablet form, ensure that you pack them correctly so as to avoid spills. In addition, ensure that you carry them in a bag that is well aerated to keep them in right condition.

3. Have the right Clothes, shoes and sunglasses

While on the road, it is of paramount importance to ensure that your wear comfortable. It is also recommendable to purchase quality sunglasses and sun cream that can to protect you from Ultraviolet rays. If the weather is expected to be cold, ensure that you pack enough warm clothes to prevent ailments such as colds, fever and pneumonia.

4. Drinking Water

Untreated drinking water is the root cause of all waterborne diseases. Do a research on the quality of the water in the country before you depart. Despite the fact that there are a number of medications such as water purification tablets that can be used to treat water, it is wiser to deter from drinking unsafe water. Be sure to purchase enough bottled or filtered water. Ensure that you keep your body hydrated regularly.

5. Choose food recipes carefully

Most travellers are tempted to try out new food recipes once they arrive at their destination. Be aware of the ingredients used to prepare a particular recipe so as to prevent allergic reactions. However, this factor should not hold you back from trying out new foods as long as they are professionally prepared.

6. Exercise

Finally, one of the sure ways of staying healthy when on the road is by booking accommodation in a quality hotel or resort. The best hotels offer various amenities such as gym and swimming pool that you can use to keep your body fit.
Now, enjoy your travels!

May 30, 2013 Travel tips

Wisconsin is the striking state in United States located in north Central America in regions of Great Lakes and Midwest.  It is bordered by Minnesota, Illinois, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. It is considered as the most populous state that falls in 20th place for population and 23rd place in total area.  Madison is the Capital of Wisconsin. Milwaukee is the largest city located at western cost of Lake Michigan.

The name Wisconsin was given by group of American Indian who speaks Algonquian; they lived in this region during European period.  Wisconsin encompasses 72 counties.  The state offers thrilling experience for the visitors who are thrill lovers.


America Track

America Track, drive the road,  this a perfect place for professional racers, 14-turn track with 4miles near the Elkhart Lake, not just professionals but also normal people can take this thrilling adventure to get memorable experience. People who are above 16 years can chase a pace car in their car but be careful you may get into trouble even get crashed because of the high speed.  Monthly once you can get eight hours class which will be performed by driving workshops. In May17th to 19th pro races will start. Enjoy this thrilling Drive on America Track when you visit Wisconsin.

Climb Cliff at Devils Lake

Don’t forget to visit this enthralling Cliff located at Devils Lake.  The amazing cliff is in Wisconsin’s famous state park close to Baraboo. These are perfect, rugged and beautiful quartzite cliffs, especially rock climbers enjoy the most and they can’t wait to climb the cliff. Nobody restricts you but follow the safety rule while climbing the rock, make sure to use safety outfit and supplies to climb the cliff also follow instructions.

Water Rafting

This is another way to spend thrilling moments when you visit Wisconsin.  Face the amazing fast moving waters.  Get hold of this opportunity and get a nice campsite at any famous Rapid Rafting Resort closer to Crivitz.  The resort management arranges guide for rafting on the Menominee Rivers and rash Peshtigo. Enjoy the harsh waters and get thrilled.

These are some of the amazing and thrilling excitement one can experience when they visit Wisconsin the striking State of America.


May 24, 2013 Destinations, Travel tips

Planning a get away from routine life is sometimes makes life exiting and interesting. People always find ways to get into vacation spirit but most of the time they end up going to same old places which they have visited million times before. For a change try some various other magnificent places in the world and explore different cultures and traditions, get rid of old habits and try something new.  This article may help you find your dream vacation spot, Enjoy!!!



Yosemite the most beautiful National Park located in California, United States.  It is the largest and least disintegrated territory in Sierra Nevada. Yosemite National Park supports a range of animals and plants.  This size of the park is almost the size of Rhode Island.   The park features meadows, mountains, large number of sequoia trees, and the most beautiful and magnificent waterfall. Visitors can enjoy fishing, biking, horseback ride and many other such adventures.  The trip brings unforgettable moments.



Yellowstone National Park located mainly in the State of Wyoming in America but it is also extended into Idaho and Montana. It is considered as the primary national park globally. It is also famous for its amazing wildlife, and special geothermal features like outstanding and faithful geyser, these Geysers are the most popular and grand features of the park.



Visit the most beautiful destinations and make your trip more exciting and interesting.

There is nothing better than planning a dream trip or celebrating your honeymoon in beautiful luxury destinations.  To make your honeymoon trip most memorable, you can choose the romantic destination where you can spend happy moments just staying in a luxury hotel or explore some memorable ancient ruins or taking a ride on elephant by taking a safari in rainforest or spending special honeymoon in spectacular cities in the world.  Whatever the destinations you choose, it is important that you make your special days into special and beautiful memories for you, for life.

You may find the below mentioned honeymoon destinations help you plan your dream trip the most possible way.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a beautiful Island located France, the Pacific Ocean. This small island is completely filled with beauty, it possesses some inactive volcanoes, lush forests, and also you can find beautiful aquamarine lagoon in Bora Bora Island.  One of the famous author once described Bora Bora as a beautiful and exotic Island in the world.  The famous explorer James Cook of 18th century said Bora Bora is a pearl of the mighty Pacific Ocean.  The classic Islands have luxurious resorts, warm water, friendly locals, and beautiful sunny skies.  It is definitely the best and romantic destinations where you can spend relaxed moments peacefully.



Santorini is officially called as Thira and classically called as Thera, it is a beautiful Island situated in Southeast mainland of Greece.  This beautiful island is famous for its black sand beaches, mostly located in southeastern Kamari or Perissa on the chief island of Thira. The other interesting spot in Thira is archaeological enchantment of prehistoric Akrotiri gives amazing experience to visitors. This destination surely gives thrilling experience.

Italy is the largest Southern European country. Greece and Italy is accredited as the origin of Western-Culture.  The beautiful Italy is also possesses huge number of World Heritage Sites globally that are recognized by UNESCO. The country is also famous for its ingenious art work and famous monuments, which are found everywhere in the country.

Italy is also famous for its scrumptious cuisines, luxury motor cycles and Sport Cars, trendy fashions, different dialects and regional cultures and also gorgeous coasts, mountains and alpine lakes.  It is defiantly stands out for its beauty and also famously known as the gorgeous Country.


Travel Advices

But when traveling to any tourism places one need to understand few things about the country before going, same with this beautiful country.  People always tend to cover more places in less time, which is not so good idea.  The advice is, don’t cover than what you can. Enjoy each place by spending quality time, if you are in hurry and want to cover many spots in one day than, you cannot enjoy the places and also get tired easily.  Plan in such a way where you can cover the important places in particular area by not taking more travelling time to reach each place.  That way you can cover more attractions and also enjoy every moment.  So, before travelling to Italy get to know the important places and then plan accordingly.


Less Language

The best advice is carry less language when travelling to exotic place like Italy.  More luggages means more discomforts. So it is good to travel with the less luggage which is easy to carry when you are travelling various places, take only what you need, personal stuff, nothing more nothing less.  Make your trip comfortable and effortless then you can not only enjoy the exotic places but also feel comfortable and graceful.

The beautiful Italy is the best tourism destinations in the world. Travelling on the narrow dirt-roads is wonderful experience and finding the roadside pizzeria beyond the way is like discovering the buried treasure. Everything is beautiful in Italy. Everyone must visit this elegant country at least once in a life time.