overfishingFor the average person, the term ‘overfishing’ doesn’t hold much significance in their lives. In fact, it generally seems to be an issue that has become way too political to be our concern. Besides the world’s ocean is so vast, right? How can we possibly run out of marine resources. If you think this way, you are one of the more than 60% of people who feel detached about excessive fishing and its impact.

This is a predictable behavior from the average family who does not necessarily rely on coastal resources for to earn a living, or to have food. Words about the environmental and economic impacts of overfishing are still not as loud as the concerns of melting ice caps and extreme weather temperatures. It is natural for people to be apathetic towards environmental concerns that do not directly affect them. However, there is a long list of reasons why we should all be alarmed of the prevalence of excessive fishing, not just in the nearby communities but anywhere in the world.

First off, excessive fishing can totally impede lives in one community. It may take years for this to happen, but once it does it is basically close for a community to recover. An actual case of this actually happened in Newfoundland Canada, where not less than 40,000 people suffered due to lost in livelihood. The city has been known for the abundance of fish catch for so many years, but then a day came when fishermen could no longer catch a single fish nor cod.

With overfishing, we just do not lose the fishes, we lose the entire marine ecosystem. Of the more than 50% of marine resources exploited, only 1% of this has good chances of recovering. While fishing communities are directly affected by this occurrence, commercial fishing industries are also eventually going to suffer. Consequently, this phenomenon will be felt on a bigger scale in a form of food source scarcity. If this goes on, the world can really run out of fish in 40 years or less. Unfortunately, some communities around the world are already starting to feel this.

If we don’t start caring for our resources now, the complete depletion may be hastened to 10 or 20 year earlier. Our awareness can go a long way in fighting unsustainable practices, such as overfishing.

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Do you plan to enjoy Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics? If so, then you should not miss taking a thrill by visiting a theme park which is located adjacent to the Russia’s Olympic village. The newly built Sochi Adventure Park will finish in the end of 2013. Expect to enjoy another adventure in this hundreds of millions dollars park which various attractions and rides. This extravagant park will stand proudly among several major attractions beside the Olympic venues like apartments, hotels, shopping districts and many more.

This place will boast on its various kinds of thrilling roller coasters and other kinds of themed lands with strong Russian culture, history, legends and folklores. There are also thirty-five rides for those who want to pump up their adrenaline. Check out its tallest 3,500-feet coaster with horseshoe shape and loop twist or the 1,200-feet coaster for wilder experience. There are also theater with 5-dimension special effects, simulators with high-end sci-fi, flying theater about Russia’s Flight, and the challenging dark ride in Journey Into the Darkness.

Kids will find this amusement park as their best place to visit as it can deliver unforgettable experiences. They will enjoy visiting Enchanted Forest that features fairy tales of Russian or Science Fiction as they will find space fantasy with magnificent background setting. They will also learn about Russian history when visiting Fortress of Warriors, revealing literary heroes of this great country. This park also introduces a tribute on historical Winter Olympics as visitors can find out about histories of Winter Olympics throughout years.

There are still other forms of entertainments like fire and laser effect nights, the top Russian circus, puppet shows, carnival rides, and various kinds of exhibitions. Smaller kids will also enjoy some rides like teacups, carousel, merry-go-round, mini train for toddlers, and hundreds of games for total amusement.

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iTunes has done it for you yet another time. iBooks has come up with the latest publication of Lonely Planet, The Travel Book, in such an appealing manner as no one else could have.
The Travel Book was published, electronically, on April 12, 2013.

Characteristic features of The Travel Book include:
• An index of 229 countries
• Easy A-Z navigation
• Over 800 dazzling images to take you to the heart of that destination
• Highlights on “Top Things to See & Do” for 229 countries
• Cultural insights of each country including food & drinks, traditional attires, marketplaces, monuments, iconic trademarks
• Map of every country with significant cities plotted
• Search function so that the information you desire is at your doorstep
• Highlighting function so that you can prioritize your trip
The Travel Book

If you choose to download it from iTunes, you can enjoy the following enhancements:
• Tempting images and lucrative photo gallery for exploring each country
• 18 interactive guided tours of some of the world’s most exotic spots
• 10 breathtaking videos that make your heart crave for the destination
• 25 interactive maps that take you on a tour of some of the world’s most renowned attractions
• Easily accessible links to find the other interesting travel eBooks on the Apple store
• Links to take you to the best online travel resources at LonelyPlanet.com

Reminder: This ebook can only be viewed using:
I. iBooks 3.0 or later on an iPad.
II. iOS 5.1 or later is required.

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Summer is not over yet and you still have great chances to witness whales in Australia coastline. It is true that this small, yet beautiful island is rich of many other amusing attractions. But whales sightseeing are not supposed to be missed. The beauty of whales—from ‘parents to their kids’—become such magnificent phenomenon as they are easily seen only at the beginning of June to the end of September. This is the time when whales raise calves after giving birth. The route of migratory whales is on the Australia coastline because it offers serene Coral Sea waters. This is the perfect place for mate and gives birth and this is the reason why global tourists prefer to witness the beauty of whale migrating and swimming around their boats.


Other places where tourists can witness the beauty of migrating whales include Cape Naturaliste, New South Wales and Victor harbor. Those three places become the natural venues for those whales to play and it will deliver incredible, unique experiences that no other continent in the world can rival. Especially at Sydney harbor, the playing whales are available for the whole year and this becomes great place for whale sightseeing.

Cruising on Australia surely can bring such wonderful experience, not only whales attractions but also the whole beauty of Australian coastline. Based on the descriptions above, you can choose the best time in taking sea travel by cruising to this beautiful continent. Booking in advance during July to September is a must because Australia is always flooded with tourists during those months. Facilities for most cruises to Australia are top notch as they always meet the demands of high class tourists for enjoying luxury sea travel in the continent. Cruises trips are always available during the whole week from various cruising companies so that there will be no shortage of option for cruising.

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Recently, New York City’s The Palace Hotel is still in its effort of $135 million renovation. Let’s expect what it will boast this time. for those who wish to enjoy the escapism haven, its Royal Suite cost for about $20,000 and the cost can be higher after the renovation is accomplished. Surprised? Hold your drop jaw as you will find the more expensive Four Seasons’ Ty Warner Penthouse Suite with $45,000. That price is per night. Yes, it is.

Now, you will ask what you will get after you pay tens of thousands of dollars for sleeping, again, in one night. Yes, surely you will get luxury amenities. But, how luxurious is the luxury? Definitely, guests in the suites can use a private elevator, not the regular ones that are also used with other guests—though you can imagine the sorts of guests who live there. The suite has personal chef with that kind of cooking that matches with the $45,000 per night. Just guess it yourself.

Another thing to expect is the magnificent views of Fifth Avenue. It is true that elegant living experience starts even before guests step into the hotel. Each guest is special as guest relations officers should fulfill what each guest wants for every facility like pillow, food and drinks, flowers options within each room, the temperature of the room and so forth—you know.  Next expensive facility within each room is the bathroom—if you can imagine what kind of bathroom that a guest should pay for $45,000 in one night. Fixtures are gold plated with insignia lines the sinks. Italian tile mosaic on the floor is hand-laid and you can imagine how it looks like.

A private gym, spa, and what else? Guests will get everything that they want, even for a small piece of face towel. There is even a quick escape through wall secret panel. Are you interested enough?

June 23, 2013 News


It may be surprising, but Bangkok has reached its popularity among tourists throughout the world. You might wonder what makes Bangkok popular. It is true that the country only has canals instead of coastline. Even the native Bangkok rarely speaks English and the whole country’s condition is not that clean—especially with the monsoon rains which often cause small current of flood.

Surprisingly, such facts do not make tourists stop visiting this small country. It is seen from the high increased of the use of MasterCard in the country and there are about 200,000 tourists this year who have flocked to the country. It seems that Bangkok’s charm is unstoppable, thanks to those cheap stuff that tourists will love from shopping, unique cuisines, magnificent temples and excellent nightlife.  Another surprising fact is that Bangkok’s airport, Suvarnabhumi’s pictures turns out to be the mostly shared pictures through Instagram.

One of the most unique parts of Bangkok is its floating markets. Tourists will surprise with the floating small boats selling massive arrays of veggies, fruits and other natural resources from the country that those Western tourists have never seen before. There is even a boat tour for enjoying markets on the water. Surely, the prices are very cheap, especially for those EU or United States tourists.

Another amazing place is Chinatown. Though every country has Chinatown, Chinatown in Bangkok is unique in terms of history and culture, not to mention its magnificent shopping and authentic cuisines. Exploring sacred Chinese temples in very unique architectural design. Every tourist will love to shop around those shop-houses’ endless rows.  Festivals are varied from Chinese New Year and other festivals based on Chinese Lunar calendars.

Every place is easy to reach by traditional Tuk-Tuk as a traditional Bangkok vehicle. Surely, you cannot reach far away places by using this three-wheel vehicle. However, there are options for going out of town through Bangkok MRT, taxis, and BTS sky-train.

June 23, 2013 News

Aviation Museum is located at Xiatngshan, China.  This museum is the largest in Asia that is famous in displaying aircraft vestiges.  The museum covers area of 1,000 acres. The museum contains the collection of over 100 types of models, 200 aircrafts, and 700 patterns of equipment and weapons like antiaircraft artillery, missiles, aerial bombs, air-defense radar etc.  The visit to museum also helps you understand the world’s greatest aviation technology and the treasures and modern aircraft equipment like 99 trainer aircraft advanced model, Yak-17, IL-10, F-12 etc.  The management also allows you to take a look at original study materials and also allows you to participate in various aviation activities.


Cavern Exhibition-Hall

This Exhibition hall is located towards the south covering the area of 20,000sqmts.  In cavern exhibition hall the visitors can get to see various ancient flight inventions and also they can observe the most modern and high-speed fighter planes, this shows how the technology evolved and how the man become more innovative in making such incredible aircrafts.  The right side of the exhibits you can see the aviation history of China and also you can observe various models of manufacturers and aircrafts from U.S, Soviet Union, France, Canada, Japan, etc.  The left side of the exhibits is modern aircrafts of China.  The back side of the hall you can observe missiles, radars, artilleries etc.

Open-air Exhibition Vicinity

Open-air Exhibition is located at north side.  The area is divided into two parts as the Hero Avenue scurry through open air exhibition.  You can observe an artificial lake towards the left side of Hero Avenue.  The lake planes are visible on southern side, they were used particularly for display of great people and northern side the bombers and various types of special aircrafts are exhibited.

Visit this outstanding Aviation Museum in China, each hall displays the significant facts of Aviation and displays breathtaking history of the aviation and authentication of aircrafts technology. Enjoy the visit and learn more about Aviation.

May 16, 2013 News

Indian Tourism is a quite a big industry, and according to WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) the Indian tourism, in 2011 generated 121 billion dollars that is 6.4% of nation’s GDP.  The industry is providing jobs for 39.3 million people. The sector has increased tremendously between the year 1990 to 2011 and it is predicted to grow more by every year, the growth is going to be 8.8% from 2011 to 2021.  India is in 5th place for the fastest evolving tourism industry.


Visitors from Foreign Countries

In 2011 among millions of tourists around 6.29 million visitors are foreign tourist who came to India to see the authentic tourist attractions, the drastic raise of 8% when compared to the year 2010.  The majority of visitors are from United States of America around 16% tourists come from US, and around 12.6 % visitors come from United Kingdom.  Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Delhi are the well-liked states for overseas tourists.  The most visited cities in India by foreign tourists are Chennai, Mumbai, Agra and Delhi. Chennai ranked 41st position in Worldwide of foreign tourists, Delhi ranked 50th position, Mumbai 57th and Agra 65th position in worldwide rankings of foreign visitors.

Travel and Tourism

In the year 2011 the Competitiveness Report of Travel& Tourism ranked the outlay emulous of Indian tourism division ranked 28th from 139countries.  The report also states that Indian air transport is comparatively quite good than many other developing countries and it is ranked 39th position and also mentioned that the infrastructure for transport is at reasonable stage of development and also ranked 43rd position.  Still the tourism industry in India need to make few amendments to improve the structure and also able to allure more foreign tourists by improving the accommodations facilities and other significant stuff where foreign tourist feel comfortable to visit the Ingenious India more frequently.

Visit Incredible India and explore the beauty and outstanding culture and traditions, which vary from state to state, each state in India offers memorable moments. Visit all states in India and enjoy the momentous vacation.

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Are you planning to visit Indiana for this summer holidays than don’t forget to visit the most haunted houses in Indiana, where you will get/feel lifelong thrilling experience.


Haunted Hotel

13th floor of Haunted Hotel in Indiana dares you to enter.  The facts are Hotel Warwick is better and bigger; it is 4D, not 3D. Damian Warwick assumed there were 302 deaths during the accident, Warwick hotel burned down in the year 1904. They also suspect that here your darkest horrors and worst fears come alive.

Haunted Hotel-13th Floor is the best haunted house in Indiana; take a good look at the well-known 13th floor.  Enjoy your stay in this awesome hotel but remember you are not alone in your room, you will find company that you may not like to have but don’t worry, it is believed that the unwanted guests takes good care of you. You are always welcome to stay at Warwick Hotel in Indiana, pleasure is all yours!!!

Haunted Cave

Haunted cave are at Lewisburg, Ohio.  This real haunted cave is in fact located 80 feet below ground. The hunted cave is the best running and very attractive underground Halloween haunted attraction of Ohio.  It was recognized as World’s Longest Haunted-House in the year 2010. 30,000 bats reside in that haunted caves and perhaps ghouls and ghosts also live there. It is Ohio’s darkest, longest scariest and creepiest Halloween event.  You are sure to enjoy the walk with the bats and ghost inside the cave. Let’s face your fear and enjoy the Haunted cave visit in Ohio.

Haunted Angleus House

Haunted Agleus House is in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is most horrifying haunted-house event to help cerebral palsy home group.  Also made to scare you and bring chills in your spine. Enjoy the event and get scared.

All these Haunted experience will surely stay with you forever, all these events are definitely worth visiting once in your life time. Enjoy the visit to Indiana and make most out of it by visiting Haunted houses in Indiana.

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With all the mountains, hills, green fields, beautiful lakes and rivers it is no wonder that many European citizens are willing to fly over these beautiful terrains. If you are one of them and want to come to Europe and try the European air and wind then you should head right to France, because the French are one of the best in Europe. The region of the French Alps and the highest peak in Europe, the Mont Blanc offer some incredible conditions for paragliding, you can go jump from a site of the Alps and descend down to the valley of Chamonix, and it is wonderful experience.


There are also other regions of France popular for paragliding, such is the region of Annecy, there are beautiful mountains here and you can fly over the beautiful lake and even land in the lake. Another destination in France is the mountain Treh, during summer this mountain offers very long flights; you can land near the school. There are many cheap places to stay here. Dune de Pyla in France is a sand dune, which is growing every year more and more, here you can go for long flights, but also for easy and practicing flights, the place is not popular to tourism business because it is not steady and it is moving.

If you go in Germany near Munich in Bavaria is the Neuschwanstein Castle, a remarkable building you can go and fly over it, the mountain above offers many launch points, of course you should jump from here only if conditions allow it. Another destination for great paragliding is the region of Krusevo in the Republic Macedonia, near the town of Krusevo is a launch point from where the biggest plain in the country can be seen, there is a wonderful sight opening in front of you.

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Europe is probably one of the continents in the world where cycling is mostly preferred, maybe because of the eco awareness or because of the health awareness or just for fun. Netherlands is one of the countries where cycling is more common than autos, going on foot etc. But the subject of this article is a little more extreme, it is about the best regions for mountain biking in Europe and they are many, so if you are short on adrenaline and ready to go roaming the hills and fields of Europe, you should consider some of these locations.


The terrain of Iceland is just perfect for mountain biking, going through lava fields, desserts, and naked mountains, beautiful sights of raw and pure nature of waterfalls and rivers and hot springs, where you can go and have some relaxing time after you have finished your ride. Another cool location for biking is down south in the United Kingdom in the Calderdale in the region of Yorkshire, there are plenty of routes here, some of which are ones of the longest in Europe, and you can stay in the cottages of the national park Yorkshire dales.

Another good destination is the French town Morzine, it is a town in the heart of the French Alps, there are many lifts here that will take you to trails built for free ride or cross country, and it is beautiful and peaceful place for mountain bikers during summer and attractive to skiers during winter.  From France to Italy and to the region of the Lake Garda are located probably the best marked trails on the continent; it is good for either novices or experienced bikers. The routes lead by small villages, ancient ruins, forests and cliffs, olive groves. These regions just call you to grab your bike and take the ride.

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