When planning a vacation to a region that offers casino gambling, Southeast Asia should be an area of the world in which to consider. Recent construction projects have brought new casinos to the regions that are rivals to the established venues. In fact, one particular area, Macau, has already surpassed the city of Las Vegas as a top gambling destination. Many of the casinos found in Macau are a new breed of casino, offering visitors the most in luxury gaming.

luxury casinos

One luxury casino found within Macau is the Venetian. While it was built to be the sister casino to the Venetian in Las Vegas, the Venetian Macau is much larger. In fact, when looking at its floor area it is the sixth largest building in the world as well as the largest world casino.

Officially opening in 2007, the Venetian Macau offers 550,000 square feet of gambling floor. They offer an impressive 800 gaming tables and 3400 slot machines. Visitors to Macau will also want to take in the Wynn Macau. The Wynn Macau was the first resort within Asia to be modeled on the Vegas style. While the Wynn Macau doesn’t offer the immense gaming floor as the Venetian Macau, it is still a casino not to be missed.

In Macau, one of the most preferred casino games is baccarat. In fact, this game account for an overwhelming majority of Macau’s casino revenue. Though not as well-known as games like poker, it has gained popularity in recent years at online casinos like www.casinoonline.co.nz

It can be found on the general casino floor as well in many of the private VIP rooms. One type of baccarat is the three card variant. Using a single shoe, face cards are worth 0 points while the other cards are valued according to their number. Each player and the dealer are dealt three cards. The highest hand in this game is three face cards as it has a count of zero. In baccarat, the lowest hand is the winner.

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One of the finest luxurious resorts on the Caribbean Sea is the Viceroy Riviera Maya in Mexico; this is a peaceful peace of heaven on earth. The resort offers combination of eco friendly and private atmosphere with five stars options and amenities. There are 41 villas on this paradise of splendid beaches, blue waters; villas are easily blending in the jungle image with many palms with small friendly monkeys, jumping around. Villas have many features, pools and lounges, there are indoor and outdoor showers, and hand carved items. The interior is inspired by local Mayan architecture, with the finest material brought from whole the world, such as Egyptian cotton, mahogany etc.

The menu is based on the Mexican cuisine with some influences from the Mediterranean region, fresh seafood caught near the resort, carefully chosen meats, wide selection of wines , many Mexican delicacies can be tasted in the dining room, while in front of you is the beautiful view of the sea, the white sands and the palm trees. Due to the many factors making this resort very romantic, it is a popular option for weddings.


The resort has very efficient butler service that will provide every request with highest quality; everything is done in quiet and courteous ways. Upon arrival at the resort Mayan shaman performs a blessing, while the butler gives a special set of hand – made soaps.  The resort offers Wayak Spa, fitness center, sauna baths in Mayan style, massages, facial treatments, using native ingredients. The resort features two restaurants with policy “dine anywhere, anytime” and cozy library lounge, where you can relax, read a book and drink one of the wonderful cocktails.

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Going on a trip today is not what everyone can afford it, but with some saving before and during the time of the vacation, you can easily spend much less than most do. There are many ways to cut on costs, it should be your choice, and so here are some tips on how to lower your expenses:

–          If you are going on a holiday in more expensive destination from your home town, you should take products for personal use from you place;

–          If you are more communicative and adventurous you can always go hitchhiking rather than paying for transport; if you are not amongst the laziest tourist, you can rent a bike, so you won’t pay for public transport.

–          Go for locals, almost at every tourist destination, there are locals offering rooms much cheaper than hotels and hostels; When looking for a room at locals you should check for rooms with kitchen included; you can also ask if food is offered, this is good way to spend less on food, but also great chance to try and learn something about the local cuisine.

–          Save on activities or visits that are not your favorites, just because something is expensive and considered to be big attraction, it doesn’t mean you have to visit it; Walking tours and sightseeing are either totally free or require an insignificant amount of money for tipping.

–          If you want to go for shopping, do thorough research, do not go directly in the center of the city, look for shops in the periphery of the city, and of course try to bargain and lower the price.

Although you can save on many things, always try to cut expenses on things that are not your favorites. Do not let saving ruin your holiday.

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According to Wine Enthusiast magazine the top 10 wine destinations in 2013, and a must to visit places for oenophiles are:
–          One of the most important wine regions in Spain, Rioja. Its location is at northeast of the country at the banks of the river Ebro, at north as protection to the region are located the Cantabrian Mountains.

–          The winegrowing areas near The river Danube in Austria, they stretch near to Vienna, prime areas are Kremstal ,Wachau, Kamptal,Traisental, and Wagram, they all stretch along the river. This region is also interesting for its rich arte and culinary tradition.

–          Near Manhattan are the North and South Forks at Long Island, New York; It is a wine region as none in America, with many beaches and small beautiful villages.

–          It is the city of Stellenbosch that is the host city of most of the wineries in southern Africa;they are all in a small area. This region offers great diversity, such as food, wine, arts, culture, hiking etc.

–          One of the California’s main producers of wine is the Monterey Countyregion; it has also been a tourist destination for long time. The region offers majestic scenery and many beautiful golf courses.

–          Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil: The biggest wine region in Brazil is Vale dos Vinhedos, It does produce nearly 90% of the total domestic production of wine in Brazil.There are many wineries here, but also hotels and restaurants; this is well developed tourist resort.

–          The Willamette Valley in Oregon has many outdoor activities to offer, besides visiting the wineries;the beautiful nature and scenery are breathtaking.

–          There is plenty to discover in one of the best wine regions in Australia, Hunter Valley at New South Wales.

–          You will lovethe region of Douro in Portugal; it is one of the best regions on the Iberian Peninsula with scenic landscape and grape wines.

–          A small peninsula between two seas, Puglia in Italy is a wonderful wine region.

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If you are business man going on an international trip, you need to know many thinks about the destination you are heading to, with all the online information it is not problem to find out most of what you need, here is a list of things and information you may want to know:

–          First of all, check the situation in the country you are visiting, the political and economical situation, check if the region where you are going is secure for visitors.

–          Learn about the country currency, the converting rates and which currencies are preferred.

–          Check the weather or climate, so you can choose appropriate clothing; also check the time zone of the country.

–          Check the health situation in the country, check for any contagious diseases, and if there are any get vaccinated.

–          Check what sorts of public transportation the destination has and learn the distance you might need to cross, it is good to check this when going in a poorer country.

–          When going in a country that is less developed, check if your method of payment is possible in the country.

–          One of the most important things to know, when going on an international trip especially in some countries in Minor Asia or Asia, is the culture. Check what clothing is appropriate at a business meeting, what behavior is permitted and what could be normal to your country but insulting to your host country.  If you don’t know the countries gestures, you better use as less as possible.

–          Understand how to greet counterparts and learn general protocol, check work days and working hours.

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Suriname is a small country at the northern part of South America, at the north of the country is the Atlantic coast. Suriname was Dutch colony, so it is no wonder that the official language in the country is Dutch. The country is small in population and in the capital city of Paramaribo, which is also the largest city, resides almost half of the entire population.


Being near the equator, Suriname’s climate is tropical, temperatures does not vary much through the year and are very high.  The flora and fauna of the country are one of the main factors for visitors, the Amazonian rain forests in the southern part of the country are ideal for nature explorers.  With tourism in the rise, there are many guided tours to the heart of the Amazon, there are also resorts in the jungle, where you can stay for several days and explore the nature. There is a great variety of bird species and lizards in the forest, you can see monkeys and if you are lucky enough you can spot a jaguar. There are also native villages in the rainforest and in the national parks. Galibi Nature Reserve is famous for the sea turtles and the beaches on which they breed.

Paramaribo is nice city with important part in the country history, although it is quite small Paramaribo can offer some interesting sights, so staying here for a while is not a waste of time. You can go visit Waterkant or the Riverside Boulevard, where you can see colonial wooden houses or try some food at the many food stands here. You can go visit Fort Zeelandia, which is few centuries old fortress or you can visit Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is the largest wooden building in Suriname, even in South America.

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Mongolia is new emerging destination for travel enthusiasts, its expansion began with the fall of the communist regime and it is now getting better establishment. The country is relatively explored and it has much yet to offer.  The nature and the environment is barely touched, in some areas population still practices nomadic style of life and culture.


Tourist agencies arrange tours that mainly focus on wildlife, nature and ecological life and most famous destination is the Goby desert, where you can observe the native animal species, but the desert is also popular for fossils and dinosaur eggs. Around Mongolian lakes isnice terrain for hiking, the lake Khuvsgul in the northwest of the country is surrounded by mountains and there are 90 rivers flowing in the lake, it is magnificent sight and very good hiking terrain. You can also experience the life of native people near the Lake Khuvsgul National Park, in some parts of the country shamanism is still practiced, it is worshiping of nature, the earth and the sky.

Almost every travel to Mongolia starts at the capitol city of Ulaanbaatar; it is the largest city and the cultural and academic center of the country. At the main square of the city is a great statue of the national hero Sukhbaatar, and the square is named by him. Around the square are the Parliament House, the Cultural Palace, the Opera and the Stock Exchange. In Ulaanbaatar you can go visit many museums and many monasteries where Buddhism has been practiced long ago. There is wide diversity if restaurants and bars including most of the world’s cuisines, the night life in Ulaanbaatar is quite wild and it is recommended to go visit with locals. Traditional clothes and jewelry, bow and arrow sets, cashmere and silk are the most common souvenirs.


April 26, 2013 Destinations

The Mediterranean Sea is shared by many countries and cultures, it has many beautiful beaches and wonderful islands, and the Mediterranean is a perfect destination for cruises. The many islands where once Julius Caesar and Roman conquerors landed, today are visited by tourists in many numbers, and because of the many places that can be visited during the vacation, cruises are usually divided into Eastern Mediterranean cruise and Western Mediterranean cruise.  If a cruise is longer it can include all the region. This cruises offer many different things to see, visit and do, such as culture, history, beautiful beaches and clear waters, shopping and cafes etc.


Eastern Mediterranean cruises usually include visits to the ports of Turkey and Greece and many islands, including Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and others, where remnants of ancient past and culture are common sights. There is the visit to Istanbul, capital of Turkey, where many famous buildings can be seen, or you can go shopping in the great bazaars and markets in the city. Longer eastern cruises may include ports more on west, like the Adriatic coast of Italy and the coasts of Croatia, Montenegro or Albania.  Greater cities included, besides Istanbul, are Venice, Rome, Athens, Dubrovnik, Split and others.

Western Mediterranean cruises goes from the Adriatic to the Gibraltar and includes major cities but also some small villages. These cruises usually visit the coasts of Italy, France and Spain, but also Portugal, some northern African countries like Morocco and Tunisia with the beautiful cities of Naples, Venice and Rome in Italy, Monte Carlo, Monaco and St. Tropez in France, Barcelona in Spain etc.

Cruises generally are starting at spring and can be taken until fall, they are many organized by major international cruise lines, but also some miner European cruise lines, so there is a variety of choices and prices for everyone.

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There is an island in the northernmost part of the Atlantic Ocean which was discovered by the Vikings. Iceland, although small in population, it has great history and culture, so does the Icelandic cuisine. Due to the fact that Iceland is surrounded by oceans, fish and seafood is one of the important parts of this northern country. Fish in history has been quite cheap, so it became symbol of the cuisine, especially to the fishing villages scattered round the country. Fresh seafood can easily be found on the island and mostly eaten haddock, herring, shrimps and many others.  Hakari is local specialty, it is prepared from shark meat and it is actually putrescent, it is usually eaten with brennivin, an Icelandic schnapss. Whales and seals are also on the Icelandic menu. Smoking, drying and salting of fish and meat is also common to Iceland.


Meat is also important part of the Icelandic cuisine; traditional courses are smoked lamb, salted pork ribs and many other dishes with meat, including many birds. Porramutar can be ordered in Icelandic restaurants and this is a dish containing meat and fish products preserved in a traditional method, cut in to bits and served with traditionally baked rye bread and butter. Icelanders with this dish usually drink akvavit, which is traditional drink that has its taste from the many species and herbs used in the production.

A traditional Icelandic dessert Yule pudding is rice pudding filled with raisins and cinnamon and sugar added on top. Another famous Icelandic dessert is the kransekake, meaning wreath cake, usually eaten on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings etc.  It is made of egg whites, almonds and sugar and filled with cookies, chocolate and other small sweets.

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As the awful weather finally begins to ease off and the UK grudgingly accepts that it’s now summer, the time has come to experience some of the most visually spectacular scenic stretches of roads that the country has to offer. So pack some road snacks, queue up your favourite driving music mix and prepare your vehicle for the trip or even hire a car for a long weekend away.

What follows is a list of some of our absolute favourite scenic drives that can be found across the UK. Pick any of them for a piece of pure driving bliss, you can’t go wrong.

North Northumberland Heritage Coast Road

North Northumberland Heritage Coast Road

This is one of the longer stretches of heritage coastline in England, taking in 40 miles from Amble to the Scottish border just past Berwick upon Tweed. The Heritage Coast Road offers incredible coastal scenery as well as a series of magnificent castles such as Warkworth, Alnwick and Bamburgh which are grand enough to rival even the great castles of Wales.

B4632 Cheltenham to Stratford, Cotswolds

B4632 Cheltenham to Stratford, Cotswolds

This former A-road might have been downgraded to a B-road since it is little used but that hasn’t affected the quality of the scenery or the road itself as this wide highway remains well maintained and surfaced.

The whole stretch of road rewards the determined traveller with some of the most spectacular views of the rolling hills of the Cotswolds.

Humber Bridge, North Lincolnshire/Yorkshire

Humber Bridge, North Lincolnshire - Yorkshire

Take in the majestic sight of the world’s fifth-largest single-span suspension bridge as you cruise through North Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. It might be £2.70 to cross, but the toll is definitely worth it for the views alone.

Bealach na Bà (Pass of the Cattle)

 Bealach na Bà (Pass of the Cattle)

Wind your way through the Applecross Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands for a breathtaking and exciting drive. With hairpin turns, narrow single-track sections and a 1-in-3 ascent, Bealach na Bà will certainly keep you on your toes. After negotiating the pass, the real reward in terms of scenic views awaits you on the other side of the Peninsula!

A1 past Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

A1 past Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

While there’s a tedious amount of A1 motorway driving to put up with, it’s well worth it to take in the simply stunning view of Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North up close.

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When one does not have travel insurance or cannot possibly afford it, then they should completely avoid any travels. There are so many options and things that an individual with the travel policy can choose from. That is why it is important to choose the right insurance company when travelling. The following tips will help in choosing the best travel insurance providers.


1.     Don’t only rely on the travel agent’s advice

When booking for a holiday trip, one should not just fall into the trick of being advised on the travel agent on the insurance to take. Many of the agents receive commissions from the insurance companies and the policies might fail to suit the individual needs.

2. Find out the contents of the policy

It is very important to understand all the contents of the insurance plan. It can be possible that the plan does not have the things that one consider important for their trip. at the least, the policy should be able to cover for the medical, theft or loss of goods and even cover for any missed flights.

travel ins

3. Don’t ignore Possibility of travel agent going bankrupt

It is important to avoid discounting the possibility of the travel company going bankrupt. Where one deals with the insurance company, the traveler gets cover in case of any bankruptcy and will not be stranded.

The travel insurance should be made a necessity when travelling. Following the above tips will help the traveler feel secure and covered in case of any emergency especially when travelling abroad.

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